National Maritime Safety Authority (NMSA)

Improving maritime SAR operations

The agreement outlines a collaborative framework to improve response times, coordination, and overall effectiveness in maritime safety incidents. 

Key initiatives include developing a joint database of trained personnel and assets, creating an advanced seafarer first aid course, and facilitating NStJA’s access to NMSA vessels for emergency medical responses.

Madang looks at decreasing maritime statistics

This was highlighted during the opening of the National Maritime Safety Authority (NMSA) office in Madang.

Governor Pariwa said in improving in maritime safety, the Provincial Executive Council has embarked on rectifying approaches, by appointing the Madang Provincial Small Crafts Board.

Pariwa is now happy that NMSA has an office which can look into the woes of the four maritime districts of Bogia, Sumkar, Madang and Raicoast, as for far too long people have suffered.

NMSA Madang office opened

The excitement was in the air as the small town anticipate the arrival of Transport and Civil Aviation Minister and member for Namatanai Open, the Walter Schnaubelt.

Even though the program was delayed due to the parliament sitting, it was a lively event as the crowd patiently waited for the Minister and his delegates to arrive, whilst being entertained by cultural singsing groups and Madang’s very own comedian Kanage.

Joint rescue mission a success

Minister for Transport and Civil Aviation, Walter Schnaubelt said the Search and Rescue (SAR) mission effectively saved two (2) missing persons in Wewak and eleven (11) missing persons in Kavieng.

Minister Schnaubelt said the SAR operation was conducted in accordance with the Search and Rescue Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between NMSA and AUMRCC. 

The flight plan for the mission involved a round trip from Cairns, through PNG airspace, and back to Cairns without any intermediate landings in PNG.

Merchant Bill under consultation in Madang

For Madang Province, it started on Monday May 22 and ends tomorrow.

The Merchant Shipping Bill 2023, is a legal policy reform targeted at improving the compliance regime of the current legal framework, the Merchant Shipping Act 1975.

Madang yet to enforce Smallcraft Policy

According to Willie Kolip, Madang’s Small Craft Officer with the National Maritime Safety Authority (NMSA), they are still waiting for the Provincial Government to pass the Small Crafts Bill so that a board can be elected; after that, the appointment of a Registrar to implement or enforce the process.

NMSA begins Merchant Shipping Bill awareness

The proposed Bill is a legal policy reform targeted at enhancing the compliance regime of the current Merchant Shipping Act 1975.

General Manager and CEO, Paul Unas said the proposed Bill is formulated to address the issues of outdated provisions, offences and fines which are no longer deterring unlawful activities in the shipping industry

Schnaubelt pays visit to NMSA

Minister for Transport and Civil Aviation, Walter Schnaubelt challenged staff when visiting NMSA’s 24/7 Maritime Search and Rescue Coordination Centre in Port Moresby, recently.

The purpose of the visit was for the Minister to understand and appreciate the Authority's role, and how he can assist NMSA to contribute effectively and efficiently to the country's economy.

As a team player, Minister Schnaubelt encouraged the management and staff to work together as Papua New Guineans, rather than individuals belonging to different provinces or regions within the country.

NMSA commences ‘Operation Overload’

This two-week operation is a follow up to already completed Operation Overload performed by NMSA in cooperation with Provincial Small Craft Administration and Water Police during the Christmas and New Year period.

Back to School operation is comprised of 29 NMSA officer covering six Maritime Provinces including East Sepik, Madang, Morobe, East & West New Britain.

All teams departed Port Moresby on 22nd January for designated posts. Completion of the operation is planned on 5th February.

The previous operation was mainly concentrated on overloading.

Ship Owner Penalised

Reports from Underwater Surveys conducted by Pacific Towing and Conservation & Environment Protection Agency (CEPA) on request of NMSA, confirmed the damage made to the coral reef at Kui Island during the grounding of the vessel, MV Microstep.

The vessel was fined for breaching Section 42 & 43 Maritime Zones Act and for not reporting incident to NMSA. 

On May 3, the 23 year-old bulk carrier vessel with cargo of logs went aground in China Strait passage.