Madang Province

Students sent home for safety

The school's Deputy Principal Administration Michael Camillus Kavagu, said the schools administration is concerned with the safety of the student while commuting to and from school as counting is underway in the provincial capital, Madang. 

Mr Kavagu said counting for Madang Open is in progress at the school’s Marape Hall.

He said teachers are prepared to teach but are concerned about unconfirmed threats being circulating on social media.

He said Grade 12 students were allowed to come to class because of the Written Expression exam on August 15, 2022.

Security Forces On Alert

Provincial Police Commander, Acting Superintendent Mazuc Rubiang said he is aware of a text message regarding a security threat. The PPC said he wants the people of Madang not to name or blame anyone, because the message is false.
He said police are also investigating the matter to establish who posted the message to bring fear among the people and disrupt normal business. 

Candidate's son charged

Madang Provincial Police Commander Acting Superintendent Mazuc Rubiang said the arms were discovered after police and soldiers acted on a tip-off. They had had stopped the eight in a vehicle at Walium Station, Usino Bundi District, and found two Winchester shotguns and some live ammunition.

Cops suspended for various offences

Madang provincial police commander acting Superintendent Mazuc Rubiang said one officer was arrested and charged for accepting bribery, another was suspended for driving a candidate’s vehicle, and the rest were suspended for drinking while on duty.

PPC Rubiang said out of the seven, two are from Sumkar district while the rest are from Madang town. The officers will be dealt with after the election.

PPC Rubiang said police officers  had been briefed by their respective commanders on what to do and what not to do during elections.

Usino Bundi Open starts Counting

Security Contingent Commander for the district, Inspector Edward Alphonse was at the counting venue. He confirmed that counting will start today as all polling in the district are complete.

He said the counting venue will be at the Opotio Rimoru Hall at Walium Stadium. 

Commander Alphonse said security personnel have been deployed to the counting venue to ensure counting is conducted peacefully.

Counting For Madang Open To Start Soon

Madang open has 67 boxes from the three local level governments. He said MULL has 36 boxes, South Ambenob,20, and North Ambenob has 11 boxes. Counting will start with the first box for North Ambenob LLG. 
Sakipa said counting will start late but will make sure the team do their best to make sure counting is completed as soon as possible. He said they would count only five boxes today if time allowed.

Rai Coast Highlights Issues

Inspector Yalamu said ballot papers for Astrolobe Bay LLG and Nahu Rawa were already transported to Madang but not yet for other polling sites.

He said transportation to and from Rai Coast is challenging, as the polling sites is only accessible by boat or chopper.

Yalamu said the teams had faced many challenges while travelling on boat, one of them is the current windy weather affecting travel.

He said as of yesterday, some of the teams were heading with the ballot papers to Saidor station had to return due to strong winds.

Polling Teams Stranded

Rai Coast Returning Officer, Peter Onmangen said five polling teams that were supposed to travel to Nayudo LLG to carry out polling last week are still at Saidor station waiting for the chopper. 

He said they are now running out of time and is unsure what he will do with the teams.

Madang Polling Nears Completion

Polling locations in North Ambenob yet to complete polling are Amele, Efu, Fulumu and Alopa. Transport was a major hindrance to their work. Mr. Sakipa said there were not enough vehicles to speed up the transportation of ballot boxes and polling officials to polling stations, and back to Madang town. This resulted in polling being dragged into the second week.

The second major challenge being faced by voting officials is missing voter names. Polling was stalled because voters argued with polling officials, demanding an explanation before polling could continue.

Madang enters second polling week

Madang provincial Police Commander acting Superintendent Mazuc Rubiang said polling in Madang District is expected to be completed within this week, while the other districts will depend on how fast the polling teams reach the polling locations.

He added that security personnel from each polling station has been sending situation reports, and all have reported no major incidents. The only issue reported by security personnel is of voters arguing with polling officials about not having their names listed in the electoral roll.