World Malaria Day

ExxonMobil PNG donates mosquito nets

ExxonMobil assisted the program and its partners in rolling out its weeklong awareness program which took place in the township of Kiunga to mark World Malaria Day.

ExxonMobil PNG’s expansion project community affairs field coordinator, Dylan Soondrawu when handing over the treated mosquito nets highlighted the positive impact that mosquito nets will have on vulnerable women and children in malaria prone high risk areas.

It’s World Malaria Day today!

Joining countries across the globe, National Department of Health and partners have set up an event at the Kaugere Clinic to commemorate this day.

Mostly pregnant mothers in surrounding areas have turned up for free malaria blood test.

The health set-up in front of the clinic is also offering other basic health checks such as sugar test and awareness for the day.

Partners present also include Rotary Against Malaria, and PSI. The event goes on through the day.


​End malaria for good

This year’s global theme for World Malaria Day is ‘End Malaria for Good’.

As a lead-up to 25 April, the World Health Organization is shining a spotlight on prevention, a critical strategy for reducing the toll of a disease that continues to kill more than 400,000 people annually.

Since 2000, malaria prevention has played an important role in reducing cases and deaths, primarily through the scale up of insecticide-treated nets and indoor spraying with insecticides.