Modilon Staff Give 14 days’ Ultimatum

With the recent ongoing publicity in the Health Division nationwide through the media platforms, the Modilon General Hospital’s case is also no different.

On June 6th, the nurses hosted an in-house forum inviting the administration to address their issues within 14 days.

The Forum called on the Acting Chief Executive Officer and Director Public Health, Dr. Martin Daimen, and the Senior Executive Management of the Hospital to receive their forum agendas and also to address the issues.

Standing with them were Doctors, Sisters and other medical and clinical staff, who also want to see positive changes in the hospital.

Sr. Josephine Maihua the Acting Manager, Nursing Services, states that these issues are not new ones and have been sitting under the managements table for years.

She called upon the management to stop making excuses but to sort them out so that they may be able to deliver their primary duties; serving the patients of this hospital.

Current issues being faced by nursing officers include:

  1. Short term contract nurses withdrew their services as of Friday June 02nd 2023 due to the delay of HR services getting them on board the Alesco payroll. Also, the delay in the selection process for permanent appointments to solve current delay of salary advance.
  2. Discrimination of STC nurses of Cohort 1&2, who have been put off from pay for 7 months and 2 weeks now (15 pay days). As on the other hand, cohort 3 is still on payroll. Does Madang PHA HR services have two sets of rules in managing its workforce?
  3. Critical shortage of drugs and consumables, an ongoing call which seem to fall on deaf ears. Surgeries have been cancelled, nurses seeking assistance from other health facilities for IV fluids. What are the risk management plans to keep services functioning while waiting for the National Government. Patients are denied their right to affordable basic health care coverage.
  4. Shortage of cleaning agents such as laundry detergents.
  5. Nil waste management

The demands towards the SEM are:

  1. Fast track the appointment of DCS. It has been 12 months since it was advertised in June
  2. Replace HR manager with a competent officer to deliver positive HR service outcomes
  3. Fast track the selection and make permanent appointments for the STC’s to solve all delayed salary issues
  4. Replace a competent OIC Pharmacy
  5. Recruit additional Casual nurses to fill in manpower gaps
  6. 14 days ultimatum for SEM to give definite answers regarding STC dilemma
  7. Failure to address these will mean that nurses will scale down in its services in the hospital

Some nursing officers have stated that they now will not attend to work within these 14 days until it is resolved. Nurse Diane Liriope, also called upon the management to stop passing the buck and act upon their grievances to ensure that they continue serving the people of Madang Province.

Meantime, Dr. Daimen has assured all staff that he would see to it that their demands are taken care of, however, he also wanted them to sympathize with the management saying, that it will also depend on the processes and protocols in place and if there is a delay on the other end, he is not able to assure them 100 percent on their demands anymore.

Dr. Daimen also told the staff that the CEO, Fidelis Waipma, is in Port Moresby and has already been briefed about the situation, and that he may try to source out some funding due from the National Government for some of the demands highlighted.

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