Madang Province

Madang Polling Nears Completion

Polling locations in North Ambenob yet to complete polling are Amele, Efu, Fulumu and Alopa. Transport was a major hindrance to their work. Mr. Sakipa said there were not enough vehicles to speed up the transportation of ballot boxes and polling officials to polling stations, and back to Madang town. This resulted in polling being dragged into the second week.

The second major challenge being faced by voting officials is missing voter names. Polling was stalled because voters argued with polling officials, demanding an explanation before polling could continue.

Madang enters second polling week

Madang provincial Police Commander acting Superintendent Mazuc Rubiang said polling in Madang District is expected to be completed within this week, while the other districts will depend on how fast the polling teams reach the polling locations.

He added that security personnel from each polling station has been sending situation reports, and all have reported no major incidents. The only issue reported by security personnel is of voters arguing with polling officials about not having their names listed in the electoral roll.

Four In Questioning Over Murder

Madang police have yet to establish who committed the crime as the deceased was allegedly in the company of four others when he met his fate. The four 2will be taken in for questioning.

Madang Provincial Police Commander, Acting Superintendent Mazuc Rubiang said police officers who attended to the crime scene, also identified the man as Brian Angelus from Sarkum Village, Wosera-Gawi District.

Address Resettlement Of Manam Islanders

Ben Mambote, speaking on behalf of the islanders at Asuramba Care Centre said leaders in the past three parliaments had not seriously considered settling the islanders.

He said the population at the care centres are increasing since they were resettled from Manam Island following a volcanic eruption in 2004. He said because of the population increase, they are now facing land issues and lawlessness.

Mambote said they are now fighting with the locals at Asuramba and the best option is to resettlement, so they can stay on their own land and rebuild their lives.

Many Madang Voters Miss Out

They both raised concern that many eligible voters had not voted because their names were not on the electoral roll.

They said the people had the right to vote because they had been living in the area for more than six months to one year, and they needed to elect a leader of their choice.

Madang started well when polling began on Monday, the only disturbances at polling sites were disgruntled locals who did not have their names on the electoral roll.

Madang polling progresses well

Election Manager Sponsa Navi said Madang District and Sumkar have done two days of polling, Usino-Bundi, Bogia and Rai Coas start today, while Middle Ramu starts tomorrow.

Navi said Madang Urban LLG started polling yesterday with majority of the voting population in the wards having cast their votes. He said North and South Ambenob begin today.

He added that polling continues for Madang Urban LLG today as time could not allow voters in wards  8, 9 and 10 to do so yesterday.

Polling in Madang Commences

Loop PNG visited the polling booths and confirmed that polling was progressing. Polling also started at North Ambenob with less than five wards started polling.
Madang Election Manager, Sponsa Navi said other polling locations that did not start today will kick off polling tomorrow. 
Usino Bundi, Sumkar, Bogia and Madang Urban and other wards of Madang district go to the polls tomorrow. Navi said polling for Middle Ramu and Raicoast start on Thursday, July 7. 

Old Ballot Papers Destroyed

According to the election official, the ballot papers were removed from the containers to be destroyed to give space to store the new ballot papers for this year. The ballot papers were removed and taken to Mero Dump where the papers were burnt and destroyed.

The security personnel, election officials and the public witnessed the destroying of the ballot papers.

Behave During Polling

He said police will be focusing on the polling areas and their response in attending to complaints will not be effective with all police logistics tied down to elections.
PPC Rubiang said police would respond only to serious cases when reported but not for minor cases, as family members, community leaders or ward councilors can resolve this. 
He said traveling to police stations might be costly so it is best to avoid getting into trouble. 

Madang Starts Polling On Monday

He said the polling date released by the Electoral Commission is final.

Electoral Commissioner, Simon Sinai when speaking on NBC Talkback Show confirmed that polling for Madang starts on Monday.

Mr Navi confirmed the polling date after a number of concerns regarding the polling dates and locations.