Polling period

Border Command Quiet

Deputy Divisional Commander for Border Command, Chief Superintendent Sibron Papoto, said there were less or no reports of election-related incidents in the provinces, known as the border commands.
He said all these provinces have completed polling and are now into extraction of ballot boxes and into counting.
Wewak, Angoram, Wosera-Gawi and Ambunti-Drekikier are still in counting at their respective districts except for Ambunti-Drekikier, which is being counted in Maprik. Counting for the regional seat is at Moem Barracks, Wewak. 

Hiri-Koiari Polling Update

He shared that the last four ballot boxes were received yesterday afternoon.  

“This afternoon we will be put down the list for all the counting officials. Tomorrow morning will be training for counting officials and de-brief and will be ready.

“I will find out from the management if counting can take place on Saturday (tomorrow) and Sunday,” Ameua said.

Currently, officials are still waiting around for training.

Chimbu, WHP Polling Deferred

This has been confirmed by Chimbu Provincial Election Manager, Tom Sine Kaupa.

The deferral was made to allow ample time for preparations to be completed so that polling is conducted smoothly within the gazetted period. 

Polling for Jiwaka will be conducted today 15th July.

Kaupa added that all the ballot papers for Chimbu will be stamped and signed.
He said this is to avoid illegal practice on the ballot papers.
All polling in the country will be completed on Tuesday, July 19, 2022.

2017 Roll Used In Kerema Urban LLG

This issue was raised with the PNG Electoral Commission in Port Moresby to use the 2017 electoral roll as a supplementary list to conduct polling.

 “We received the approval after the Kerema Urban LLG Polling was disrupted last week as many missed out during polling,” Gulf Election Manager and Provincial Returning Officer, Poevare Tore said. 

He said polling teams for the other nine LLGs were also issued the supplementary list from 2017, before they left to conduct the exercise.

WHP, Jiwaka, Goes To Polls Tomorrow

Jiwaka Provincial Election Manager, Rossie Pandihau confirmed the deferral with this newsroom today.

She clarified that the deferral was done as security personnel engaged for the province are still in Enga and Southern Highlands attending to election-related violence.

However, Ms Pandihau said polling officials for remote parts of Jiwaka have been deployed with sensitive election materials.

It will be a one day polling for both provinces. Meantime, Chimbu Province also goes to polls tomorrow.

Finschhafen starts polling

Ward 1 at Butaweng started off first after Finschhafen Urban Assistant Returning Officer officially declared it open.

ARO Essau Lilibur said polling for the LLG will run for four days.

Since the polling venue was at the Braun Memorial Hospital, Lilibur had to explain to those who turned up that only members of the community will vote; patients will have to go to their respective wards.

“Yupla kominiti insait lo hia yupla gat neim lo rol, yupla ken kam na vout,” he stated.

Kainantu Prepares For Polls

Assistant Returning Officer for Kamano, Dani Sikive said time is not on their side as they try to distribute the ballot papers to various polling venues.

Mr Sikive said while candidates have raised concerns that many of their supporters don't have names in the electoral roll, polling officials will try their best to finish all the polling today in preparation for  counting.

Madang Polling Nears Completion

Polling locations in North Ambenob yet to complete polling are Amele, Efu, Fulumu and Alopa. Transport was a major hindrance to their work. Mr. Sakipa said there were not enough vehicles to speed up the transportation of ballot boxes and polling officials to polling stations, and back to Madang town. This resulted in polling being dragged into the second week.

The second major challenge being faced by voting officials is missing voter names. Polling was stalled because voters argued with polling officials, demanding an explanation before polling could continue.

ESP To Begin Counting Soon

Ulapapia said 48 teams for Wewak are ready for counting, Maprik counting hopefully begins tomorrow, Wosera-Gawi expects the last team to return to their hub today, Ambunti-Drekikir will extract its last teams by today and the expect all teams for Yangoru-Saussia to return today.

He said East Sepik plans to start counting on Thursday 14 July.

PRO Ulapapia also mentioned that a court injunction was taken out by scrutineers and candidates for Wewak Open, against the decision of the Wewak Open Returning Officer’s choice of venue for counting.  

O’Neill Votes In Kauwo

He was accompanied by his predecessor Roy Yaki and Sir Nathaniel Poiya.

Although Ialibu Pangia electorate voted, Imbonggu, Kagua Erave, Nipa Kutubu and Mendi polling was deferred to today.

Southern Highlands Election officials say the late distribution and  confusion in the list of polling officials was the cause of voting delays in most parts of the province. Polling went ahead as districts received their ballot papers. Security in the province remains on high alert.