Polling Teams Stranded

Some polling teams are still waiting for a chopper to airlift them to polling locations in some parts of Madang Province.

Rai Coast Returning Officer, Peter Onmangen said five polling teams that were supposed to travel to Nayudo LLG to carry out polling last week are still at Saidor station waiting for the chopper. 

He said they are now running out of time and is unsure what he will do with the teams.

“I am calling on the responsible authorities to assist me to move the polling teams so the people from that area can cast their vote, I am handicap now,” Onmangen said.
Another group from Gama LLG are also waiting at Walium station to be airlifted to their polling locations. According to security personnel assigned to travel with the team, they had been waiting since last week.
Some of the polling teams have students and teachers engaged to assist with polling. They are concerned that they school starts next week and they need responsible authorities to assist them quickly.

Sylvester Wemuru