2022 National General Elections

K200,000 for displaced Nipa Kutubu communities

The post-election related violence displaced more than 20,000 people and they were in dire straits, mostly women and children.

NGCB Chief Executive Officer, Imelda Agon said the donation by the Board to the people of Nipa Kutubu shows the organization’s concern over the displacement-affected communities.

“We are deeply saddened by the unfortunate election-related violence and the NGCB, as an organization owned by the 8 million plus people of this country, is committed to provide emergency funds to restore peace, law, and order in the affected areas.

Election affected schools: Official

Morobe’s Provincial Program Advisor for education, Keith Tangui, said students were psychologically put off with a good number of schools reporting a rise in absenteeism.

No school in Morobe made the top performing list for Grade 12s, while Busu Secondary School’s Grade 10s came second in the 2022 national examination.

“Many students were not coming to school, as reported by the principals,” Tangui outlined.

Police Association Commends Members

National President, Lowa Tambua said unlike 2017 where many police officers lost their lives under varying circumstances, the police force has done a marvelous job.

He said although there are many issues raised by citizens and other stakeholders in the manner the election was conducted, it has nothing to down to the work of the police and other security personal.

These issued raised under ambit of the Electoral Commission and the Government which they only can address. The police association is only concerned about the safety and welfare of the police officers.

Court Dismisses Yama’s Application

The decision was handed down on today, 16 August at the Waigani National Court house.

Yama alleges that police do not have the powers to interfere or carry out any electoral function during the entire election process.

Justice Joseph Yagi in his decision said, “The facts deposed by Yama in his affidavit much of which are hearsay, are mere opinions and assumptions.

“A restraining order, if granted will result in halting a very significant constitutional process,” he added.

Comedian Kanage, Alphonse Dirau eliminated as the 24th candidate for Madang Regional

This news room was informed of the top five candidates as of 7.30am this morning. They are as follows.

  1. Ramsey Pariwa                  70, 872
  2. Jerry Singirok                     41, 331              
  3. Peter Yama                        27, 823
  4. Benny Panti                       23, 257
  5. Steven Asivo                      22,875

Elimination of the 25th candidate is currently underway.

Pariwa leads Madang regional count

This newsroom was informed that Elimination 15 is underway.

The following are the top five candidates after Elimination 14.

1. Ramsy Pariwa 66,244  

2. Jerry  Singirok  38,068

3. Peter Yama 24,886      

4. Benny Panti  21,918   

5. Steven Asivo  21, 365       

Madang regional continue eliminations

This newsroom was informed that counting was later suspended after counting officials discovered that figures for candidates excluded in the second and third elimination count, did not add up when their votes were distributed.

The counting officials agreed to suspend counting and resume today. 

Meantime, after last night's elimination 2, People First Party candidate Ramsy Pariwa was leading with more than sixty thousand votes. Second is PANGU Party candidate Jerry Singirok with more than thirty-five thousand votes. 

Candidate Arrested For Misbehaving

He was charged under section 178 of the election offences Act, detained in the Jomba Police Station cell and was later allowed on K500 police bail. He will appear in court when his court papers are ready.

Madang Provincial Police Commander Acting Superintendent Mazuc Rubiang said Kas was intoxicated when he went to the counting venue at Holy Spirit Primary School on Friday night. The PPC also said he had been driving about the counting area at high speed.

Party Happy With Results

Maru expressed his satisfaction while welcoming the Member Elect for Rai Coast Open and only female candidate in the party, recently upon her arrival in Port Moresby.

He was pleased with the performance of a few of his candidates, Ramsey Pariwa who is contesting the Madang Regional seat and the other candidate for Chimbu Regional.

Maru said Pariwa, who is also from Rai Coast was leading by a big margin and was positive that he would be declared anytime soon. He said for a party that was there for only 10 years and just started if we get five it will be a good result.

Lupari eliminated

Acting Returning officer Dickson Toru said Independent candidate Issac Lupari was eliminated from the race. Only the top three remain.

After exclusion 23, the top three candidates are Lohia Boe Samuel, Joe Tonde and Dr. Thaddeus Kambanei.

After the distribution of Lupari’s ballot papers, Boe Samuel received 923 votes. His total was at 20, 080 votes.

Tonde collected 750 votes bringing his total to 14, 481 votes, and PNC candidate Dr. Thaddeus Kambanei received 1,288 votes, bringing his tally to 10,491 votes.