NRI releases 2022 election observation report

The primary role of the PNG National Research Institute (PNG NRI) is to carry out independent research and analysis on a wide range of public policy issues.

It offers policy prescriptions on how public policy might be developed and carried out in response to different policy challenges.

The 2022 Election Observation Study was carried out under the ambit of this role.  

Using an ethnographical approach and focusing on seven electorates in the Highlands Region as cases in point, the report provides an account of what transpired in each electorate during the conduct of the 2022 National General Election (NGE).

The report also highlights the shortcomings affecting the orderly and timely conduct of the elections and then proposes some recommendations for strengthening future elections. 

The objectives of the study were:

  • To provide a real-time observational account of how the 2022 NGE was carried out;
  • To determine the anomalies, if any, undermining the conduct of the 2022 NGE; 
  • To provide a complementary data source for different societal actors, including the PNG NRI, to collectively use and engage in the discussions on strengthening elections in PNG; and
  • To use the data to explore possible areas of future research on specific areas pertaining to elections and the enabling systems that support the elections.  

The report concludes that the constant shifting of dates and delay in preparing the Common Roll, polling stations and polling dates casts doubts on the integrity of the elections even if they are conducted properly.

In addition, the people of PNG have their own assumptions and bias against the PNGEC and it is good for the country that elections must be conducted as required by law and on time instead of creating doubts on the integrity of the election process in PNG.

This Observation Report is a contribution by the PNG NRI with the endorsement of the NRI Council to improve future elections in PNG. It is to be also mentioned that the PNG NRI is aware of similar election observation reports that have been carried out on the 2022 NGE by other institutions.

This PNG NRI 2022 Election Observation Study Report therefore should be seen as complementary to the other 2022 election study reports where all should be used collectively to inform discussions on strengthening future elections in PNG.

The publication can be accessed on the PNG NRI website

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