2022 National General Elections

Airlifting Ballot Papers, A Concern In EHP

Provincial Election Manager, Steven Kaupa said his team is planning to airlift the ballot papers one day early before polling but airlifting them will be a challenge.

They will be airlifting materials to remote areas like Marawaka areas towards the remote Yalia and Namari LLGs as well as the remote parts of Lufa.

Electoral roll issues in Gaire

Having 3600 eligible voters, not all were able to cast their votes because their names were not listed.

Local woman Maimu Tau, said she sees potential in Hiri-Koiari candidate Kieth Iduhu. Other eligible voters also do, but they cannot vote. 

"The issue here in Gaire is the update of (the) common roll book. Many supporters for Keith Iduhu want to cast their vote however their names are not on the list,” Tau said.

According to Election Manager for Central Province, Peter Malaifeope, all common roll books were related for Central Province.

Soldiers told to manage Conduct

PNGDF Task Group 2 Commander Lieutenant Colonel Isidore Tobias in Madang last week said, “There will be no room for soldiers who are caught drinking beer and fraternizing while on operation. If you are found to be drinking in this place, you will be charged and deported on the spot.”

Lt-Col Tobias warned the engineer platoon to be more professional as they are representing PNGDF in this election and their conduct must be of the highest standard.

No names for Saroa voters

A polling booth was set up in the centre of the village for transparency. However, some eligible voters could not find their names on the common roll to cast their votes.

The wife of a Revival Church Pastor, Orefa Roger, shared that she was able to vote, but her daughter and aunt could not. 

"I think the issue regarding polling here is the update of the common roll. I voted for the leader I want, but my daughter and aunt's names are not on the list so (they were) sent back,” said Roger.

Madang Urban LLG Go To Polls

The polling teams from the respective wards gathered this morning at 7.30 at the Madang District Office where they received polling materials including the ballot papers.

The 10 wards of Madang Urban LLG, comprises of 36 polling teams who will be setting up more than one polling booth at the Gazetted polling locations for the eligible voters to cast their votes. 

Two LLGs of Madang District started polling yesterday and continues today. 
Polling teams from the 36 teams gathered at the Madang District office as early as 7.30am.

PNGEC Rejects Ex-convicts

The candidates concerned are:

  1. Ati Wobiro, Western Provincial Seat
  2. James Yali, Madang Provincial Seat
  3. Justin Parker, Anglimb South Wahgi Open Electorate

The Electoral Commission rejected these candidates nominations under section 103 of the Constitution from contesting the 2022 National General Elections.

Polling Kicks Off In Rabaul Electorate

Rabaul Returning Officer, Babel Umri said the 18 polling teams were dispatched to the polling venues in the Kombiu, Balanataman, Watom and Rabaul Urban LLGs as per the gazetted polling schedule.

He said most of the teams were dispatched with limited election materials and presiding officers were forced to spend from their own pockets while the treasury office fast tracks payments.

Polling in Madang Commences

Loop PNG visited the polling booths and confirmed that polling was progressing. Polling also started at North Ambenob with less than five wards started polling.
Madang Election Manager, Sponsa Navi said other polling locations that did not start today will kick off polling tomorrow. 
Usino Bundi, Sumkar, Bogia and Madang Urban and other wards of Madang district go to the polls tomorrow. Navi said polling for Middle Ramu and Raicoast start on Thursday, July 7. 

Polling Commences Today

Polling will end on July 22 before counting starts over a period of 7 days. Once counts are completed, the Return of Writs takes place.

Transparency International PNG, in a statement today, says the provision of timely, accurate and accessible information during the polling period will be critical to ensuring a democratically credible 2022 National General Election.

Nawaeb Urban Queries Ballot Papers

Confusion arose around polling venues at Nawaeb Urban when the seal of the ballot box was broken to reveal Lae Open ballot papers.

Nawaeb Urban covers wards 11 to 17 in the Ahi LLG; areas from Malahang, Busu Compound, Limki Market, Speedway, Kamkumung and Igam and Bumayong.

The presiding officer of team 340, based at the Second-Seven field, Sismai Tilim, said they faced the ballot paper issue at 10am today.