Peter Yama

Court Dismisses Yama’s Application

The decision was handed down on today, 16 August at the Waigani National Court house.

Yama alleges that police do not have the powers to interfere or carry out any electoral function during the entire election process.

Justice Joseph Yagi in his decision said, “The facts deposed by Yama in his affidavit much of which are hearsay, are mere opinions and assumptions.

“A restraining order, if granted will result in halting a very significant constitutional process,” he added.

Maru Disputes Yama’s Claims

He said the claims were untrue. Maru was responding to claims made by Yama in a letter dated 1st August to the Electoral Commissioner to sideline the Returning officer for Madang.
Yama stated that the RO was sighted at the same vicinity as the Member-elect for Yangoru-Saussia with some police personnel and member-elect for Usino-Bundi at the same time. 

Uguro Refutes Claims Of Meeting With Election Officials

The claims were made by incumbent Madang Governor Peter Yama and published in the media on Monday, August 1st, 2022.

Uguro said he had been at the named location to meet with family, while member-elect for Yangoru Saussia Richard Maru, who was also named in the article, denied meeting with Uguro and the other named parties. He said he was there with family for dinner.

Father, Son Contest For Madang Seats

Peter Yama, the current Governor of Madang and the People`s Labor Party leader, is among 40 other candidates vying for the Madang regional seat, while Ismael endorsed under the same party will contest the Madang Open seat among 46 candidates.

As close of nomination yesterday, Madang had registered 317 candidates who will be contesting the seven seats- Madang provincial seat, Madang, Sumakr, Rai Coast, Middle Ramu, Bogia and Usino Bundi.

LLG’s Receive Community Grant

Madang Governor, Peter Yama presented the total grant of K312,000 to Yawar LLG President, Thomas Agek Kuangi witnessed by other Yawar ward councilors at the Sir Bato Bultin Complex.

The Madang Provincial Government has been empowering the 19 LLG ward councilors in Madang under the provincial government’s ‘Going Rural Policy’. 

He told the councilors that they are the backbone of the people at the LLG and ward level and the provincial government will continue to support them.

Singirok slip rule application dismissed

In handing down his decision on Wednesday 3rd of June, Justice David Cannings said there was no slip rule in the judge’s decision on the 6th of August, 2020.

He added that all the grounds that Jerry Singirok relied on were already argued and that the applicant was trying to reargue those grounds, which is not allowed under the test applicable for the grant of leave in slip rule applications.

A relieved Madang Governor said he was happy with the decision and has called on Singirok to take it to the polls come 2022.

Doubts over vaccine usage

He said the vaccines must be made known to the people before giving them to use. 

He also reiterated that the PNG IMR should also give their assurance on the efficacy of vaccine. 

He said many senior medical workers in Madang have raised doubts over the usage of the vaccines but however, he said he will not force people to take the vaccines.

"Vaccines are normally developed in two years or so but this one is developed very fast which raises doubts among the people."

Racial slur upsets MPs

During questions without notice, the Madang Governor asked the Attorney General and Deputy Prime Minister, Davis Steven, to clarify police operations regarding election petitions, claiming he was “confronted” by police personnel on two separate occasions.

“I was confronted by policemen, mobile squad, at the Jackson’s airport with my family for a very minor issue – election petition. I had an election petition filed against me and I won the case,” said Yama.

Yama calls for transparency on PMIZ project

The Department of Commerce and Industry recently launched the PMIZ individual land titles in Port Moresby last November.

The 10 individual titles will be on the market to lease to 10 locators (tuna processing companies) within the PMIZ project site in Madang Province.

Madang Governor, Peter Yama, has raised grave concerns on the launching of the PMIZ individual titles last November in Port Moresby.

He said the titles were launched there while the project is in Madang.

Torot awarded for serving Madang since 1974

Having served the people of Madang for more than 40 years, Torot believes nepotism and unfair distribution of basic services most often occurs because locals are being employed in the public service of the province.

Peter Torot has served the people of Madang since 1974, at the tender age of 19 and boasts of being one of the first public servants to discover the lost Hagahai tribe of Madang, who lived at the border of Western Highlands, Madang, Enga and East Sepik provinces, in the mid-80s.