Elias Kapavore

Pomio welcomes pilot digital initiative

Department of Implementation and Rural Development (DIRD) Secretary, Aihi Vaki, made the announcement, which has been described by Kapavore as a vote of confidence on the district’s effort towards strengthening good governance.

The platform has already been piloted in both the Nuku District of West Sepik Province and the Wabag District of Enga Province, and so far, it has proven to be a success.

Pomio election petition dismissed

Justice Panuel Mogish at 5.30pm on Thursday, July 6th, upheld an objection to competency on the election petition that was taken out by the lawyers for Kapavore and the PNG Electoral Commission (PNGEC), as the second respondent in the matter.

Kapavore’s legal counsel, Sally Tadabe from Mel and Henry Lawyers, said the petition by the plaintiff was based on several grounds, including bribery.

Pomio needs partnerships: MP

Local MP, Elias Kapavore, said development aspirations of Pomio are guided by its 5-year District Integrated Development Plan (2021-2025).

He, however, pointed out that realistically, the District Services Improvement Program (DSIP) is still inadequate for one of the largest districts in the country, like Pomio. 
Having over 70 percent of East New Britain province’s total landmass of 15,000 square kilometres, development challenges are wide-ranging, with accessibility being one of the biggest.

All for Pomio district

This was the statement made by Pomio MP, Elias Kapavore, after defecting to PANGU Pati from People’s National Congress (PNC) party.

After expressing his gratitude to PNC and former Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill, Kapavore said PNG would be celebrating 50 years of independence within three years, and Pomio needs to move with its development plans.

He also outlined that his move is to strengthen the presence of one of the oldest political parties, PANGU, in East New Britain Province.

Kapavore justifies move to PANGU

Reaffirming the party executives’ statement, Kapavore said he was privileged to be part of the PNC party right after the 2015 by-election of the Pomio Open seat.

He thanked the PNC Party leader and former Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill, for the leadership and opportunity given to him, as this has helped him in his leadership to bring development into the once least developed district in PNG, over the past 8 years.

Wong Told To Address COVID Challenges

He argued that COVID-19 statistics was picked up from 'COVID-19 status in PNG.com’ dated November 4, 2021. Kapavore clarified that PNG registered 30,036 COVID-19 cases with 385 deaths. 

“So looking at these statistics, one can calculate that more than 29,000 recovered or 98 percent recovery rate.

“I am not anti-vaccine, but I am against the' No Jab, No Job Policy' especially when we are seeing increasing number of public institutions also adhering to the same. 

Vehicle for rural ENB health facility

Hence conditions have to be made conducive to attract more medical doctors to work in rural communities in the districts.

With this in mind, the Pomio District Development Authority board, through its chairman and Pomio MP, Elias Kapavore, purchased and presented a support vehicle on January 8th to one of the district’s two doctors who will be stationed at the Warangoi rural hospital in the Sinivit LLG.

Development of health workers’ standards

Minister for Health and HIV/AIDS, Elias Kapavore, said the recent launch of the Health Workforce Standards and Monitoring System is a milestone achievement for Health in PNG.

“As we all know, the National Health Service Standards is a blueprint for providing safe and quality health services in achieving primary health care for all and improved service delivery for the rural majority and urban disadvantaged, as per the current National Health Care plan 2011-2020.

New hospital planned for Arawa

Minister for Health and HIV/AIDS, Elias Kapavore, said a resolution was reached between the National Executive Council on the construction of the new hospital in the region of Bougainville, and Arawa was chosen to have the facility set up.

K100,000 for medical symposium

During the presentation today, Health Minister Elias Kapavore said the medical symposium is an important platform where critical research and papers are presented in an effort to better PNG’s health indicators.

PNG’s 55th Annual Medical Symposium will be held in Port Moresby from 1st - 6th September with the theme: “Health Education”. The objective is to address the poor health indicators by transforming the PNG Health workforce training to meet excellent standards and hence, meet PNG Vision 2050.