Ling-Stuckey addresses supporters after victory

Member for Kavieng, Ian Ling-Stuckey, was met outside the Kavieng National Court this morning by jubilant supporters, who celebrated the dismissal of the election petition against him.

The petition, by Glen Kiso, challenged Ling-Stuckey’s election as Member for Kavieng Open in the 2022 general elections on grounds of bribery, undue influence and illegal practice.

It was dismissed by Judge George Manuhu, who said the petition failed to comply with the mandatory requirement of section 208 (d) of the Organic Law, where the two attesting witnesses are mandated to state their occupations and addresses; the precise section, lot number or street name. Not postal addresses.

Applauding the justice system, Ling-Stuckey said the implementation of programs and projects by the Kavieng District Development Authority should not be perceived as bribery or undue influence. 

“Taim mipla implimentim badjet na olgeta mama na papa, pikinini ol i benefit lo displa badjet, displa ino ‘undue influence’,” he stated. “Mi laik kliarim olsem tudei.

Na pinis blo em, mi laik expresim tu disaapointment blo mi lo husat ol kendidet ol i lus. I’m disappointed today because they did not respect the mandate of my people from Kavieng. Yumi win lo primary vote, laka?”

Ling-Stuckey asked the people of Kavieng district to let bygones be bygones, and urged the 2022 Kavieng Open candidates to work with him and move the district forward.

Loop Author