Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary (RPNGC)

Police will enforce laws amidst lack of fuel supply

Manning said RPNGC will enforce government policy decisions and regulations for the allocation of fuel supply and investigate Puma Energy and its executives.

“The action of Puma Energy has been drawn into question, and police are responding to any complaint referred to the RPNGC requiring investigations.

“No company or its executives are above the laws and regulations of the independent state of Papua New Guinea.

“Police will enforce laws and regulations to ensure security and safety for the public and businesses,” he said.

Wau-Waria gets four new police vehicles

Wau-Waria is the first district in the country to utilise the Royal PNG Constabulary’s kina-for-kina programme.

In 2020, the two provinces who utilised the scheme were Madang and Northern. The scheme was then announced in December 2023 by the Internal Security Minister, Peter Tsiamalili Jnr, who told MPs in Parliament that to build police capacity in the provinces, the Constabulary would meet kina for kina in procuring vehicles and constructing accommodation.

Police to take tough measures during VONC

Commissioner of Police, David Manning, said many people are questioning their safety during the VONC period as social media commentators continue to spread fear with unnecessary posts of security threats.

“VONC is a concern because people continue to weaponize social media to destabilize the security of the country,” Manning said.

“As to questions leading into vote of no confidence will commence or not is not our concern, our concern is people willing to jeopardize livelihood of our people and especially our residents in this city.”

New police vehicles for Lae metro

Lae MP and Deputy Prime Minister, John Rosso, thanked the Police Department for purchasing these new fleet of vehicles for Lae police and the Northern Command. The Northern Command covers Morobe, Eastern Highlands and Madang. 

“Thank you to the Police Minister Peter Tsimalili Jnr, Commissioner David Manning, Deputy Commissioner Donald Yamasombi and our Assistant Commissioners for embracing our PANGU government’s vision to improve law and order in Papua New Guinea,” said Rosso. 

“Our government is focused on improving our law-and-order sector.

Leading Women Transform Forensic Policing

Hailing from the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary (RPNGC), these two women stand at the forefront of crime scene investigations, thanks to their training under the Papua New Guinea – Australian Policing Partnership (PNG-APP).

Under the PNG-APP initiative, both Detective Senior Constable Hakaiwa and Constable Koma underwent intensive training in Scenes of Crime Officer (SOCO) techniques. 

The course equipped them with a diverse skill set, ranging from crime scene management and search techniques to sketching, note-taking, photography, and fingerprint examination.

New police vehicles for Northern Command

Northern Command covers the provinces of Morobe, Eastern Highlands and Madang.

On friday morning, police personnel from Eastern Highlands and Madang joined their counterparts in Lae to witness the first delivery of the K26 million government-funded contract with Ela Motors, which was executed in December 2023.

The GST-free contract was for the procurement of 130 Toyota Land Cruisers for police throughout the country.

50 Cops to face disciplinary action

Commissioner of Police David Manning, in a media conference, said the police officers were identified from the first result of the investigation process by the Royal PNG Constabulary internal affairs unit.

He revealed this in a media conference today.

Manning said the identity of the police officers was relieved through the first part of the investigative report, which was released on Wednesday.

Cop kills murder suspect in self-defence

The suspect, 35-year-old Frexcy Timothy, allegedly attacked two police officers who came to arrest him for various offences. He killed Sergeant Kopi Kanatupa, but was neutralized by First Constable Pala Kaki.

Gulf PPC receive dinghies

Papua LNG believes in the importance of investing in law and order, as throughout close consultations with the local communities, often a breakdown of law and order and the lack of transportation have been two of the key issues raised. 

Papua LNG recognizes the significance of fostering the partnership between the Provincial Government and the local communities as well as the need to uphold community safety through the vital operations of police in and around the Project Area of Influence. 

Payment of SOE allowances processed

The officers are mostly for the NCD personnel for whom the Department of Finance and Bank of South Pacific are processing payments at present.

The Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary (RPNGC) Human Resource Division has confirmed that the need to process allowances in two tranches is a result of administrative delays by zone commanders in submitting relevant paperwork.

As a consequence, and after allowance are paid respective zone commanders will be required to provide details on why delays occurred and potentially face administrative action.