Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary (RPNGC)

Police officers upskilled

Present to witness the ceremony was Police Commissioner David Manning.

Commissioner Manning congratulated his officers for choosing to sacrifice their time from work and family to upskill themselves, adding that personal development is an individual’s choice. 

The graduates are officers within the operations and administration wing of the constabulary.

“We in the constabulary see the need to better ourselves in making sure that we serve our people,” he stated.

Clarkson and Billie appointed

They are Anthon Billie, who was Commander Highlands Eastern End, and Joanne Clarkson, who was acting as Deputy Police Commissioner – Administration.   

Police Commissioner David Manning, in congratulating his two deputies, said the appointment is part of the government’s reforms in providing leadership and confidence in the constabulary. 

“Let me assure the people of this country that we will have an executive of the Police Force that will continue to deliver the best and bring change to the constabulary,” he stated.

Police, Stakeholders To Restore Order

NCD/Central Commander, Anthony Wagambie Jnr said Police must operate in partnership with stakeholders and local communities.  

“I have given instruction to NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Gideon Ikumu and 4-mile Traffic Unit to organize a meeting between Road Traffic Authority (RTA), Motor Vehicle Insurance Limited (MVIL), NCDC and Police to unite as a group to address the problems that we are facing with public moto vehicles in the city.

ACP Wagambie said unworthy vehicles on the streets are causing traffic congestion and are not adhering to traffic rules.

NCD/Central Command conclude workshop on high

During the closing day of the workshop NCD/Central Commander Anthony Wagambie Jnr, said the issues and challenges identified and raised will be integrated into the Royal Papua New Guinea corporate plan.

The NCD/Central Command concluded the workshop on Thursday, after an intense dialogue at the Sogeri hotel, outside Port Moresby.

Just like any Government Department, the Police force is faced with challenges of financial and resource constrains, welfare and manpower issues.

All these issues were raised as having effect on the productivity output in the workforce.

Drug Case Sent To Aus

“Our existing laws were inadequate and we could not effectively prosecute the case here in PNG to obtain the maximum penalty. We therefore had to send the suspects and the drugs to Australia where the laws were quite strong. The Government is currently taking measures to amend our legislation so that we can effectively deal with such transnational crimes,” Manning said.

He said that the Constabulary is also working to strengthening its processes and systems to effectively detect and prosecute such crimes being committed on PNG soil. 

Police Policing Re-established

Commissioner of Police, David Manning announced this on Friday, 3 September, 2021.

“I have decided to re-establish the Policing the Police Task Force Team to immediately investigate and take disciplinary and criminal action against members of the Police Force.

“The Policing the Police Task Force Team or PPTFT for short will come directly under the Office of the Commissioner of Police and will be headed by Director Internal Affairs Superintendent Alpha Emil as Operations Commander.

PNGEC Prepares for recount

Court has ordered the electoral commission present their plans and budget.

Mr Sinai said on Friday 27th August that he approved the appointments of the Returning Officer and Assistant Returning Officers for the recount exercise.

The Acting Commissioner confirmed that ballot boxes have arrived in Mendi. The PNGEC are working with relevant partners such as the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary (RPNGC) for election operations.

He also stated that the venue is yet to be decided.

Sinai said, “Venue to be in one of these places, Hagen or Goroka.”

Northern to get new police vehicles

Police Minister Bryan Kramer said as part of the Station of Excellence initiative, the police force has invited members of parliament (MPs) to participate in a Kina-for-Kina program to purchase new police vehicles for their provinces or districts.

The Oro Provincial Government on December 15th presented a cheque of K1 million to the Police Commissioner David Manning in Port Moresby. This amount will be matched by the Constabulary for the procurement of the vehicles.

Commissioner signs off on 2021 police budget

The total budget requested is K402.6 million inclusive of both recurrent K381.4 million and development K21.2 million. While the first budget submission for Manning for 2020 was completed during his acting tenure, the 2021 budget submission is his first in his substantive tenure, indicating that there is robust confidence in his leadership.

Manning said the fact that the Police Minister also signed off both years’ budget submissions is evidence of the effective bi-partisan working relationship between the Commissioner and the Police Minister.

New refueling system trialed by NCD police

Kramer said under Police Commissioner David Manning’s leadership, a Radio Frequency Identification fuel management tagging system is being tested in NCD.

RFID fuel management, more commonly known as Automatic Vehicle Recognition (AVR), is a well-established, proven and reliable system used by many astute transport operations.

The technology consists of three core components that need to talk to, or recognise one another in order for fuel to be securely dispensed: These include: