Polling yet to be completed in four provinces

Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato confirmed today that polling in some LLGs in these provinces have been extended.

In Madang, polling in Arabaka Rural LLG and Josephstaal Rural LLG in the Middle Ramu District and Bundi LLG in the Usino Bundi District have requested for an extension.

For Enga, counting has started at most electorates while some LLGs have requested for polling extension.

In Gulf, polling in the remote parts of Kikori District has been extended while polling in Kerema District is complete and counting will commence on Thursday.

Porgera Mine employees go to polls

Many employees including contracted employees turned up and voted. 

Prior to polling, in the presence of the mine’s commissioned security officers accompanied by the community relations officers, mine site presiding officer Ronnie Pyatti broke open the seals of the ballots boxes for Enga Regional and the Lagaip-Porgera Open electorates.

Ms Pyatti explained that the ballot papers and the boxes were being shared between the mine site and the public servants at Paiam town.

She also reminded everyone of what they should do to avoid casting informal votes.

​WHP polling to start on Friday

Polling was delayed on Tuesday, July 4, because of issues with the electoral roll.

Pre-counting of ballot papers was done on Tuesday and Wednesday before polling can commence.

Provincial election manager, Philip Telape, told Loop PNG that polling materials and officials moved into the districts today to prepare for polling.

WHP consists of four districts: Dei, Mul-Baiyer, Hagen and Tambul-Nebilyer, with 305 wards and 432 polling teams.

Abau in Central Province completes polling

Aroma Coast and Cloudy Bay LLGs completed polling on the weekend while one polling team for Amazon Bay LLG finished off today to complete polling for Abau.

Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato says that for Rigo Open, Rigo coast and central have completed polling while Rigo inland will be done by Wednesday, July 5.

All three LLGs in the Goilala electorate, Guari, Woitape and Tapini are expected to complete polling on July 6th.

For Kairuku-Hiri Open, Hiri and Mekeo LLGs polling ends today.

Enga polling deferred

Polling was scheduled to take place today however, due to issues with the electoral roll, it has been postponed.

Provincial election manager, Anton Iamau, said sorting and pre-counting of ballot papers took place in Wabag Town due to electoral roll issues.

Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato confirmed that Western Highlands Province (WHP) also has the same issue with the electoral roll and will commence polling on Thursday.

Polling officials spent the day also sorting and pre-counting.

Polling in Enga delayed

Provincial election manager Anton Iamau confirmed that polling officials are now doing pre-counting of ballot papers in Wabag Town.

Iamau said earlier that all 1,156 ballot boxes arrived in the province last week.

He said there are enough security personnel of both police and defence force on ground to provide security during polling. 

Enga consists of five electorates, 411 polling teams, 364 Wards and 18 LLGs.

After the pre-counting is done, the ballot boxes will be distributed to the five electorates.

Polling starts at UPNG Waigani campus

This comes after the Electoral Commission allowed for polling to be conducted today.

Polling didn't start until 1:30pm after ballot papers were brought under security escort to the campus.

Students were allowed to cast their votes using their ID cards as well as names according to the electoral roll.

At the time this report was filed, two hours remain before polling closes at 6pm.

The queues were also a source of frustration for the voters, as both male and female students stood in the same line.

​Wewak Urban to complete polls today: Official

That is the confirmation from East Sepik Provincial Election Manager Kila Ralai.

Ralai said out of the 17 designated polling areas, only 9 have already polled.

He added that polling for Wewak Urban will be completed today. 

The provincial election manager said cancellation of polling on Wednesday, and shortage of ballot papers, are the cause of delay in completion of polling on Thursday. 

Ralai gave an example of polling at team 102 at Yawasoro.

Polling will be held today because of shortage of ballot papers.

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​Waigani Police Station booths more organised

The busy shop front at TST Waigani was deserted as eligible voters, in an orderly manner, turned up at the Waigani Police Station to cast their votes early this morning.

Polling booths opened just before 10am.

All shops around the area, including the main Waigani market, were closed this morning. Not even a single Asian shop remained open.

And unlike the Burns Peak polling area at Hohola, the three booths at Waigani were well organised as voters quietly and patiently stood in line to cast their votes.

​Moresby South polling underway

By 6am today, polling teams camping at Kila Kila Secondary School headed out to their respective venues.

Loop PNG visited polling venues at Sabama and Downtown Port Moresby, noting a good turnout in both areas.

At Sabama, showers threatened to stop polling as there weren't proper tents to house polling booths as well as officials and security.

In downtown, polling began smoothly.

Incumbent Moresby South MP Justin Tkatchenko also cast his vote at the polling venue at the Port Moresby Police Station.

More updates to come....