Haku, Nissan set for polls

When issuing the writs on January 10th, Speaker of the Bougainville House of Representatives, Simon Pentanu, said the Office of the Bougainville Electoral Commissioner has gained a very good reputation of delivering credible elections, both nationally and abroad.

He believes this will be the case for these by-elections, thus he is looking forward to receiving the writs on March 6 from the Acting Bougainville Electoral Commissioner, George Manu, after the declaration of members-elect for both constituencies.

Final polling on Tami Island

Community liaison officer, Sam Muzoki, said team 95 started polling last Wednesday, July 13th, at Kasanga, ward 7.

Wan nait lo hap, neks dei mipla kam lo Malasiga.

“Lo Fraide, mipla gat problem lo weather, so had lo mipla trevol i kam olsem lo hia so mipla no bin mekim polling.

“Fraide avinun mipla go lo Busiga. Saturday mipla kondaktim ileksen lo Busiga.

The team rested on Sunday, then walked to Mange in the afternoon.

Yesterday morning, Mange started polling.

Polling Ends In ESP Seats

East Sepik Provincial Police Commander, Superintendent Albert Beli, who is Security Commander for the election operations, said only Maprik and Yangoru-Saussia started counting yesterday.

Counting for the regional seat, Angoram, Wewak, Ambunti-Drekirkir and Wosera Gawi starts next week.

Delta Fly Polling Progressing

Returning Officer, Dilas Muli said yesterday evening that four teams under Bamu Local Level Government were sent out to their respective polling locations yesterday after they were turned away from bad weather.

He said 56 of the 60 polling teams have completed their polling over the weekend. Mr. Muli said he expects to have the teams return on the weekend and start counting hopefully by next week.

The new electorate has four LLGs:  

1. Aramia Gogodala LLG with 22 teams

2. Balimo Urban LLG 6 teams

3. Bamu LLG 6 teams

4. Fly Gogodala LLG 14 teams

POM NE takes to the polls

In a recent press conference, NCD Election Manager Kila Ralai stated that polling for the nation’s capital was delayed due to alleged interference from the candidates and scrutineers; and challenges faced by the NCD election team regarding the distribution of ballot papers to various wards and locations in NCD.

By 11 am today PNG Electoral Commission officials, escorted by Police transported ballot papers from the Sir John Guise Stadium to appointed polling locations in the MNE electorate.

ESP Polling Runs Smoothly

Since the commencement date of polling on Tuesday 05th, there had been a lot of delays and waiting for many reasons, one being the late delivery of fuel for all modes of transportation, bad weather, and unavailability of a chopper to transport polling teams to remote East Sepik.

These were some of the concerns raised by both the Election Manager and the Provincial Returning Officer on behalf of presiding officers and polling teams.

WNB Polling Day 4

Returning Officer Roland Popunurea said polling has been progressing well with the most common complaints being that of unregistered voters in the electoral roll.

Polling in Central Nakanai LLG went smoothly despite those that disapproved of not having the opportunity to vote.

In an interview on Thursday, Assistant Returning Officer, Apolosa Kwabu confirmed that Nakanai LLG had two teams who completed polling in a day.

MP’s children miss out

His children had voted in the previous election, but were unable to do so this year. The incumbent Huon Gulf MP was at Zifasing on Wednesday to cast his vote.

His home village, which is in Morobe’s ward 19 of Wampar Rural LLG, has over 2,500 eligible voters. However, only 1,780 names were in the electoral roll.

“It’s happening everywhere in the Huon Gulf District,” he stated. “Less papers; a lot of our people are not voting. “My kids voted in 2017. In 2022, they do not have names. I think I’m lucky to have my name there to vote.

Slow start to NCD polling

Most Polling sites started receiving votes as of 11am, without any major hiccups. 

Five polling booths were set up at Boreboa Primary School for Ward 10, North West. Four booths were arranged in alphabetical order while the fifth booth was set aside for residents of Tokam and Telikom Compound.

Despite this polling booth set up in an orderly manner, many long-time residents didn't find their names on the electoral roll.

Tokam Barracks had only 89 names out of 2000 plus voters and 79 out of 3000 were eligible for Telikom compound.

Basil Jnr dispels rumours

Endorsed by the Late Sam Basil’s party, the United Labour Party (ULP), Basil Jnr said he voted at his village of Sagayo (Wednesday, July 6th).

“I just want to make it clear to everyone, especially in Bulolo District that I have been voting for three terms for my father” he stated.

“A lot of people have been going around, saying that I do not have my name in the electoral roll.

“I voted under my own name in Sagayo.

“My dad’s name was also there but no one used it.