Counting Period

Patience wears thin on NCD Regional count

NCD which was one of the first province to poll in the first week of July is yet to declare a winner for the regional seat.

Election Manager Kila Ralai refused to comment on the delay of counting for the Regional seat today after this newsroom visited the Rita Flynn-counting venue.

Counting officials were seen moving into the Rita-Flynn counting centre at 3pm.

It is understood counting is still in its quality check stage.

Outside the Rita Flynn gate, a notice issued by Mr. Ralai to all scrutineers and counting officials read;

Madang Regional Seat Nears Declaration

This newsroom was informed that the 33rd elimination is in progress after former governor, Jim Kas was eliminated on exclusion 32.  

It is yet to be confirmed the figures collected by each candidate after exclusion 32. After exclusion 31 People`s First Party candidate, Ramsey Pariwa still maintains lead with 34, 331 votes difference from the candidate running second.

The incumbent governor, Peter Yama is on fourth place.

After exclusion 31 the top five candidates were as follows.

Comedian Kanage, Alphonse Dirau eliminated as the 24th candidate for Madang Regional

This news room was informed of the top five candidates as of 7.30am this morning. They are as follows.

  1. Ramsey Pariwa                  70, 872
  2. Jerry Singirok                     41, 331              
  3. Peter Yama                        27, 823
  4. Benny Panti                       23, 257
  5. Steven Asivo                      22,875

Elimination of the 25th candidate is currently underway.

Pariwa leads Madang regional count

This newsroom was informed that Elimination 15 is underway.

The following are the top five candidates after Elimination 14.

1. Ramsy Pariwa 66,244  

2. Jerry  Singirok  38,068

3. Peter Yama 24,886      

4. Benny Panti  21,918   

5. Steven Asivo  21, 365       

Madang regional continue eliminations

This newsroom was informed that counting was later suspended after counting officials discovered that figures for candidates excluded in the second and third elimination count, did not add up when their votes were distributed.

The counting officials agreed to suspend counting and resume today. 

Meantime, after last night's elimination 2, People First Party candidate Ramsy Pariwa was leading with more than sixty thousand votes. Second is PANGU Party candidate Jerry Singirok with more than thirty-five thousand votes. 

Lupari eliminated

Acting Returning officer Dickson Toru said Independent candidate Issac Lupari was eliminated from the race. Only the top three remain.

After exclusion 23, the top three candidates are Lohia Boe Samuel, Joe Tonde and Dr. Thaddeus Kambanei.

After the distribution of Lupari’s ballot papers, Boe Samuel received 923 votes. His total was at 20, 080 votes.

Tonde collected 750 votes bringing his total to 14, 481 votes, and PNC candidate Dr. Thaddeus Kambanei received 1,288 votes, bringing his tally to 10,491 votes.

Exclusions Underway For MNE Seat

Moresby North-East is in Exclusion 68, taking the lead as of today, 11th of August is:

1. Andapanga Baliawe (IND) - 14,879 votes.
2. John Kaupa (PANGU Pati) - 12,865 votes.
3. Peter Dominic (APP) - 9,837 votes
4. Diane Unagi (ULP) - 9,698 votes
5. Labi Amaiu (NAP) - 8,644 votes

The officials are now distributing exclusion 68 - Andrew Mald.

Meanwhile, the NCD Regional seat is on the last counts. Ballot boxes were removed from the container to proceed counting.

Andapanga Leads In MNE

Here are the recorded 10 candidates from this morning’s update:

1) Andapanga         11,890

2) John Kaupa        11,119

3) Peter Dominic      8,094

4) Labi Amaiu          7,160

5) Dickson Samai   6,799

6) Diane Unagi        6,786

7) Joe TinTin            6,432

8) Andrew Mald      5,491

9) Carl Okuk            5,171

10) Dr.S.Mosin        4,940


More updates to follow as there are seventeen boxes left to count.

Andapanga maintains lead in MNE counting

After elimination 50, Alfred Baliawe Andapanga was leading the Top 5 candidates, with  11, 215 votes. inclumbent MP John Kaupa was runnign second with 10, 562 votes.

  1. ALFRED B. ANDAPANGA – 11, 215
  2. JOHN KAUPA – 10, 562
  3. PETER DOMINIC – 7, 128
  4. LABI AMAIU – 6, 491
  5. DICKSON SAMAI – 6, 156

More updates to follow once 51st exclusion is completed.

Quality Check progresses for Madang regional

This newsroom was informed that quality check for the ballot papers from Bogia, Usino Bundi and Sumkar have been completed. Counting officials are now doing quality check for ballot papers from Madang District. Following this will be quality check of ballots from Middle Ramu and Rai Coast. Elimination will start thereafter.

People First Party (PFP) candidate Ramsy Pariwa is still leading the race, followed by PANGU Pati candidate Jerry Singirok. Incumbent governor and leader of People’s Labour Party, Peter Yama, is running third.