Madang Province

Continuous rainfall causes landslides

Director of Kumura Foundation, Vincent Kumura, said the foundation, under its community service focus, has partnered with two local SME owners to mobilise 49 youths to clear up the road.

“It took the boys almost two weeks to clear up just a pathway for the vehicle to pass through using chainsaws, digging sticks, crowbars, bush knives and spades,” said Kumura.

“The foundation is very thankful to Nelson Gandai of Yandera and David Mongoma of Simbu for mobilising their boys to work, including the 16 youths of Pomie Village of Upper Bundi.

Remote school in dire need

The school lacks facilities from infrastructure to teaching and learning materials. There are 160 eager students ready to learn with the help of six dedicated teachers.

Annaberg High School came out from the age-old Annaberg Primary School, a Catholic Agency school that educated hundreds of students from this remote area in Madang since independence.

However, due to travel distance over difficult and treacherous terrain, student intake has been irregular.   Infrastructure is limited to bush material buildings including teachers’ houses.

Family in accident

Provincial Police Commander, Superintendent David Seine Jr the deceased identified as Francis Palakandi in his late 50s was driving a Toyota 10- seater with eight others to drop off two students at Divine Word University when they encountered the accident. 

Police said the family left Wabag and were driving to Madang during the night and when they reached Alemo it was around 8am. 

Pariwa express concern at capacity issues

Governor Ramsey Pariwa who was part of Minister Maru’s delegation to Thailand last week expressed concern at the lack of infrastructures such as road accessibility, electricity problem and lack of water supply in the country.

“Thai companies have expressed interest to invest in PNG, if we are able to provide land, electricity, bridges, roads wharfs and enabling infrastructures,” he said.  

The Governor expressed confidence at Thai Investors to help PNG in its endeavor to develop Special Economic Zones including the failed PMIZ project in Madang.

NCR road section washed away

Police officers from Talidig and other travelling public confirmed that the road section past Dylup plantation and before Sarang Village, has been washed away by sea. Almost half of the road was eroded.

Talidig police said the issue is an ongoing one and authorities are all too aware of it. 

Commuter Marcus Kachau said, " It's almost gone. As it is, it's very dangerous for new drivers going NCR Bogia way. Day dreamers or drunk drivers too can go off the road.”

Madang imposes liquor ban

Chief Liquor Licensing Commissioner and Madang Provincial Administrator Frank Lau said a copy of the notice has been distributed to liquor shops in town and will also be distributed to the outstations in Ramu, Bogia, and liquor shops along the North and South Coast highways.

Lau has requested the police to assist liquor licensing officers by keeping their eyes peeled on all liquor shops and black markets in the province.

Bunabun want issue with settlers addressed

Head Teacher of Bunabun Primary School Daniel Dadar and Health Extension Officer at Bunabun Health Center Vaniah Emogal, said the government services at Bunabun are non-operational due to the conflict between Manam settlers at Mangem Care Centre and the Bunanbun people.

Mr Dadar told Sumkar MP Alexander Orme Suguman that many lives and property have been destroyed because of fighting. He wants the Manam Resettlement Authority, the office of the Member for Bogia, the Governor’s office and the national government to address it.

Palom Calls On Escapees To Surrender

This news room has confirmed that Masta Muli and Victor Siwi surrendered, while Jordan Sau who was convicted for arson and burglary by the National court in July this year, was recaptured in a dawn raid. He will continue to serve his 12-year jail time.

The 19 still on the run are; Joel Otariv, Genesis Simba, Korekio Daniel, Adam Daniel, Dodi Daniel, Batla Mahen, Sylvester Womandre, Ferdanan Waru, Kwaram Bala, Peter Karababo, Malewa Mandar, Robin Tomai, Andare Pap, Tongu Moli, John Alois, Paya Thomas, Rosang Basuk, Aipi Paul and Eddy Mori.

Youth surrender home-brewing implements

Governor Pariwa was guest of honour in the surrender program. He urged all the youth in the ward and district to refrain from producing, trading and consuming home brew. He stressed that home brew only creates more law and order problems in the community.

He encouraged more involvement in agriculture activities and SMEs. They must create and make an honest living.

The youth of Alemo voluntarily surrendered the home brewing apparatuses which were destroyed in front of community leaders and the governor.  Members of the Madang police thanked the youths for the bold move.

Daigul Hospital awaits Phase 2 works

Naguri had to talk to the people about the project because it had stopped and landowners were questioning why authorities have not explained this to them.

On behalf of the donor, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the contractor, the Bogia MP said the contractor’s term of work had come to an end. R&Sons had secured the Phase 1 contract among many who bid for it.

MP Naguri said another company will commence work for Phase 2 early next year when donors are ready.

Naguri also told the people that they must look after the project and not disturb the flow of work.