Manam Island

Hunger strikes Manam care centres

Women of Kuluguma village at Asuramba Care Centre gathered today to express their desperation.

As acute hunger has come upon the community of Manam Island settlers in Care Centres along the coast of Bogia district, and this time women are calling for help. 

Betty Bade, wife of the late chief also from Ward 13, Iabu LLG added further on the dilemma. 

Journos on field trip to Manam

Since the Manam Islanders' displacement in 2004, it has been noted that as the years had gone by, so much has changed, yet the struggles and challenges for the Manam Resettlement Authority (MaRA) remain the same.

It was an early start for the journalists as they head onto the North Coast Highway at 5 am in the morning, with MaRA chief executive officer, Richard Baia, chairman Dr. Boga Figa and other field officers.

Food security for Manam Islanders

One of the resettlement pillars is food security, and the Authority has been very meticulous about this aspect.

MaRA does not want to resettle people and then later go through the trouble of having a food security solution. For that reason, they have started an Agriculture Multiplication & Distribution Centre, where they test plant and harvest food crops to store away for the displaced Manam Islanders once they are resettled.

Manam Resettlement Authority needs more funds

An insightful power point presentation by the Board Chairman, Dr. Boga Figa, highlighted the journey of the Manam and Boisa Islanders since 2004.

The island was home to around 9,600 people who have been affected by volcanic eruptions and subsequent volcanic hazards, and as current statistics state, their population is steeply increasing as it stands at 20, 000 to date.

BSP Reaching Unserved Communities

While this is saving a lot of time and money for the rural community, BSP continues its commitment to financial inclusion and reaching underserved through such community services.

BSP Banking Agency Manager, Stanley Seimoni said BSP recognizes the importance of providing banking services to all individuals, regardless of their geographical location.

“Their collaboration with BSP ensures a comprehensive and seamless experience for customers, further enhancing the accessibility and convenience of banking services in the region.” He said.

BSP commissions first agent on Manam

On Monday 10th July, 2023, BSP Commissioned its first Agent in Baliau Village on Manam Island located off the coast of Madang. BSP Madang Branch Manager, Mary Koi said accessing banking services involved travelling up to four hours to BSP Madang.

It is estimated at least a two-day round trip for customers to travel to Madang to access banking services.

Pariwa commits to develop Andarum

Governor Pariwa addressed the people of Manam at Zogari village in Potsdam Care Centre recently when delivering 20 metric tons of Indonesian rice from the Papua Province of Merauke.

He had announced that out of the three possible scenarios of the future of Manam people, he had decided on the resettlement at Andarum permanently. 

Bunabun want issue with settlers addressed

Head Teacher of Bunabun Primary School Daniel Dadar and Health Extension Officer at Bunabun Health Center Vaniah Emogal, said the government services at Bunabun are non-operational due to the conflict between Manam settlers at Mangem Care Centre and the Bunanbun people.

Mr Dadar told Sumkar MP Alexander Orme Suguman that many lives and property have been destroyed because of fighting. He wants the Manam Resettlement Authority, the office of the Member for Bogia, the Governor’s office and the national government to address it.

Address Resettlement Of Manam Islanders

Ben Mambote, speaking on behalf of the islanders at Asuramba Care Centre said leaders in the past three parliaments had not seriously considered settling the islanders.

He said the population at the care centres are increasing since they were resettled from Manam Island following a volcanic eruption in 2004. He said because of the population increase, they are now facing land issues and lawlessness.

Mambote said they are now fighting with the locals at Asuramba and the best option is to resettlement, so they can stay on their own land and rebuild their lives.

Manam's Displaced Demand Assistance

This is what the displaced Manam Islanders at Mangem Care Centre in Sumkar District are demanding. And they made this clear to the NID officials who went there to give them their NID cards and birth certificates.

Each leader from the four clan’s livings at the care centers came along to meet with the NID officials. They used the opportunity to express their concerns about government neglect of their basic rights to education, and proper health services among others.