Manam islanders

Address Resettlement Of Manam Islanders

Ben Mambote, speaking on behalf of the islanders at Asuramba Care Centre said leaders in the past three parliaments had not seriously considered settling the islanders.

He said the population at the care centres are increasing since they were resettled from Manam Island following a volcanic eruption in 2004. He said because of the population increase, they are now facing land issues and lawlessness.

Mambote said they are now fighting with the locals at Asuramba and the best option is to resettlement, so they can stay on their own land and rebuild their lives.

Unexplainable illness affecting locals

A village leader from Kuluguma Village, Edward Sagem, said people, including children, are experiencing some sort of illness that has symptoms like dizziness, cold shivers and unexplainable body aches.

At Bieng Health Centre, health workers’ test for malaria parasites have come up negative. Furthermore, tests for blood levels have come back normal but people are still feeling dizzy, having cold shivers and body aches.

Sagem said the people suspect that perhaps lack of food and nutrition is causing these ailments. 

Manam Islanders file case

They are seeking enforcement of their constitutional rights and legal rights under the Constitution and the Manam Resettlement Authority Act 2016.

On Thursday 25 September, the Madang National Court issued directives to have Ken Fairweather, the chairman of the Manam Restoration Authority, summoned.

Principal Plaintiff, Bruce Sila and 10,813 others, filed the Human Rights case, seeking answers from the Manam Resettlement Authority and the Government on whether the Authority was doing its function in attending to the needs of the people of Manam. 

The needy should be our concern


This notion has prompted a group of Catholic mothers from Manus Province to travel more than 300 miles to visit the relocated Manam islanders in Madang Province.

A group of 17 women, including their spiritual group known as the warrior mothers, left Manus last Wednesday, September 27.

These mothers are from the St. Nicholas Catholic Church in Lombrum, Manus Province.

The group arrived in Madang and took the trip to Bogia District to visit one of the Manam care centres.

Relief food supplies reach Manam care centers

Madang Provincial acting director for disaster Rudolph Mongallee said "1011 bales of rice, floor and cooking oil starting today will be delivered to Mangem Care Centre

Manam Resettlement Bill expected in parliament

The bill was to be tabled in parliament in July however Madang leaders were asked by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to have the bill refined and then presented when Parliament sits on October 27th.

More than 10, 000 Manam islanders continue to live in care centres on three plantations in Bogia.

They have been waiting for resettlement for 11 years.

The proposed Manam Resettlement Authority functions as stated in the bill are to:

•Identify and acquire land for resettlement of displaced persons, including negotiating with landowners in Anduram: