K6mil lost through cane fires

Apart from pests and diseases that destroy their sugarcanes, Ramu Agri Industries’ biggest setback is cane fires.

The company has 7,500 hectares of sugarcane in the Markham Valley that consists of almost 80 percent estate and 20 percent outgrowers.

They currently have 275,000 metric tonnes of sugarcane that is estimated to produce 25,000 tonnes of sugar in 2023, with the acting general manager, Eric Wise, saying they hope to get that output instead of losing it through cane fires.

Beheading In Ramu

The man is identified as Dere Suwe. Madang Police said the killing occurred as a result of a fight between a group of men from Enga and Hela provinces who reside at Ramu also.

Police said the party from Hela were chased by the Engans when one of them decided to get into a parked vehicle that was filled with people from the Rai Coast.

Madang Provincial Police Commander Acting Superintendent Mazuc Rubiang said an Engan man, without identifying his enemy, swung his knife at passengers in the vehicle and cut off the hand of a man from Rai Coast.

Women’s council gets help

RAIL, through its community engagement office, received a request from the Usino-Bundi-Gama District Council of Women to support them in facilitating their women data survey.

The survey will cover the local level governments of the Usino-Bundi electorate, conducting interviews with women, collating data for women’s livelihood programs, capacity and empowerment programs as well as women’s literacy levels.

RAIL community engagement manager, Diane Mirio, presented 22 t-shirts and safety vests to the council as assistance in conducting their survey.

Pregnant woman killed in Ramu shooting

About five men, armed with a Magnum pistol, held up a staff from an Asian-owned shop – called Most Grace Limited – as he was trying to deposit takings in the nearby bank.

As the suspects were about to leave in a white 10-seater (Toyota Land Cruiser – DAB 851), bystanders grabbed stones and stoned the vehicle.

“In retaliation, the men fired into the crowd, killing the woman instantly,” leader of the Mobile Squad 15 unit on ground, Inspector Michael Yambun, told Loop PNG.

MP disputes police barracks site

Among the concerns he raised was the plan to establish a mobile police barracks at Ramu, Madang Province, which he says is not realistic because it is not a central location.

“I appeal to the Commissioner of Police and the Police Minister, Prime Minister and Minister for National Planning, to revisit the decision and relocate the establishment of the (Mobile) Police Barracks to the Walium District Headquarters,” Uguro said.

Ramu project landowners demand K10 million BDG

The warning was issued on Wednesday during a meeting attended by the four LOA chairmen, Tobby Bare of Kurumbukari LOA, Peter Tai of Inland Pipeline, Jeffery Gamrai of Coastal Pipeline LOA and Sama Mallembo of Basamuk

The chairmen also questioned why the National Government pays close attention to other mining projects in the country by paying their  BDG and ignores its commitment towards Ramu Nickel project landowners.