Bogia district

Plantation to boost local economy

This was announced recently by Member for Bogia Robert Naguri when delivery trucks and machinery to help with the start of operations.

According to Neguri, funding of K1m is being allocated to start the nursery of cocoa and coconut and pay for fuel for the machinery and hire of labour. The next K1m is set aside for operational expenses that will be released in February.

A final K2m payment will be released by the Government after the full acquittal of the first K3m is provided with the report on the plantation’s resumption.

Garamut launched for festivals

It was an initiation into the community to exhibit and showcase before going into an actual show or festival out of the village, as per most of the traditions of villages in Madang Province.

The elders and leaders of the Kayan Community organized this event as part of their traditional rituals, but also to give a feel to the young men and women in their community, of how such events are hosted and performed so that they can learn and promote their culture.

Refurbished aid post in Boroi to serve 5,000

Boroi village, in Yawar Local Level government (LLG) in the Bogia District of Madang Province is five hours’ drive away from Madang town and is one of the rural communities’ that is attempting to combat such challenges. Transport and distance to the nearest health centre is also a big issue faced by the community.