Madang Province

Usino-Yal Road Progressing

Contractor JV PNG Director, John Bangkok said work is progressing as planned and adamant the road will be completed as scheduled. He said work is progressing well, with just little over 2 kilometers before it reaches the Madang side.

The provincial Works team led by District Administrator, Steven Biko, recently visited and inspected the work progress.

He is happy with the work progress and thanked contractor JV PNG for a job well done. Mr Biko said that it has been years since the villages at Gasual have seen a car driving through for the first time.

Teenager stabbed by thugs

The teenager was attacked with a screwdriver.

Madang Police Commander Acting Superintendent Mazuc Rubiang said young boys acting as thugs are using offensive weapons such as screwdrivers and kitchen knives to attack people and steal from them.

Rubiang thanked the police officers who rescued the boy and brought him to Modilon General Hospital. He added that others have not been so fortunate, and have lost their lives because they did not get medical help quickly.

Future elites told to behave

Madang Police Commander Acting Superintendent Mazuc Rubiang said this after his men arrested four students from the Madang Technical College, for being drunk and behaving in a disorderly manner amidst the public in Madang Town.

While the four students were firmly cautioned and sent back to school, Rubiang said he would like tertiary students, to behave like well-educated people both on and off campus.

He said there have been students who have come to Madang for tertiary studies, and have lost their lives.

Madang Leaders Must Unite

Sir Bob made this appeal in front of a capacity crowd during the Independence celebration in Madang.  

He said this is for the betterment of Madang and Papua New Guinea given the province stands to be one of the country's top economic hub.

The vice regal, who presented 340 Queen’s medals to Madang elites, including conferring one Knight and announcing Governor Peter Yama as another Knight, said it was vital for leaders to come together to develop the province.

New Vehicles for Sumgilbar LLG

The two new double-cab utility cars were given to Talidig Rural Police Post and the LLG administration respectively.

Sumgilbar LLG president, Brendon Kennedy, his vice Willie Malibun and over thirty council ward members were on end to receive the vehicles at Gibrin Council Chambers on Thursday 6th May delivered by the Sumkar DDA Deputy Administrator, Thomas Balanga.

Prior to the receiving of the vehicles, the ward members had gathered to receive royalty payments from the Ramu NiCo Project.

Bundi tribe pays compensation

This ‘wari pay’ was made at 5pm on Friday, January 22nd.

The payment was demanded by the Gegru tribe on January 1st following a tribal fight that occurred on December 28th, 2020, that saw the burning down of 10 Gegru houses, including the slaughtering of several pigs.

During the ‘wari pay’ payment, the Gegrus also gave a ‘brown paper’ or ‘compensation demand’ of K150,000 with 10 pigs to the Emigari tribe to be paid by the 3rd week of June.

Alcohol ban in effect in Madang

Madang PPC Ben Neneo says the town has been quiet and peaceful after the festive season and they will continue issuing the liquor ban notices to outlets in other parts of the province.

He also warned that any defaulters will be dealt with.

Police expect liquor license holders to respect the Provincial executive council’s decision, which was made for the common good for the people.

Last month the Provincial Executive Council passed a resolution to place a 5-year alcohol ban in the province.

A decision that has not gone down well with SP Brewery.


Pregnant woman killed in Ramu shooting

About five men, armed with a Magnum pistol, held up a staff from an Asian-owned shop – called Most Grace Limited – as he was trying to deposit takings in the nearby bank.

As the suspects were about to leave in a white 10-seater (Toyota Land Cruiser – DAB 851), bystanders grabbed stones and stoned the vehicle.

“In retaliation, the men fired into the crowd, killing the woman instantly,” leader of the Mobile Squad 15 unit on ground, Inspector Michael Yambun, told Loop PNG.

Why demand for Madang police boss’ dismissal?

“The immediate dismissal and replacement of the provincial police commander was among the demands raised by the people of Madang in the petition that was presented on April 17,” spokesperson Kamal Naus told Loop PNG.

“A few days after the incident (beheading of the teacher), hooligans gathered at Handy Mart, which is about a hundred metres away from the provincial government office and police station, and started harassing people.

Madang used to be a safe haven: Kramer

Madang MP Bryan Kramer says most of the law and order issues can be attributed to the fact that most of the trouble makers and drifters from neighbouring provinces have taken refuge in the town area.

“Madang now has become one of the crime capitals of the country, simply because every trouble maker has come to Madang.”

The Member says he intends to work with the Local level Government council and start to carry out social mapping of all Madang land and in terms of settlements, understand who the troublemakers are and ensure that they are evicted from the province.