Madang Province

Restoration work carried out on Kalibobo lighthouse

The restoration work which commenced in early March this year is sanctioned and funded by the government through the National Maritime Safety Authority (NMSA).

Currently, workers of a contracting company engaged by NMSA have set up scaffoldings and are repainting the structure located on the tip of Godawan point。

Kalibobo lighthouse is one the landmark monuments which is already a traditional symbol of Madang province。 The lighthouse appears in Madang‘s provincial flag and also on the provincial government’s official document as symbol of the province

Rai Coast mothers bargain with Chinese

A first- timer or visitor to Basamuk in Rai Coast, Madang Province would be amazed on seeing local women bargaining with Chinese workers there.

“Meiyomeiyo polomanmeiyo ”  That’s the common phrase these local women will usually say,meaning  “ no, no, friend” when disagreeing to a bargain for price with a Chinese worker。

The women also understand some gestures which the Chinese use and often argue with them。

No Anul high school on Karkar Island, only bushes

Over several hundred students from primary schools in the Takia language speaking area were enlisted to continue grade nine at the new  Anul  High School, however, to their dismay there is no school infrastructure at the particular spot where the school would be stationed.

A male student  from Madang mainland who had  travelled by boat  to  Karkar Island to do grade nine at Anul High School called his guardians by Digiciel mobile phone on Wednesday night to reveal the shocking news. The stranded student spent four nights with his primary school mates at Komoria village.

Rural Madang lack health services

Provincial Health Director Marcus Kachau says he has not seen any improvements in the priority health programs in the province.

Kachau says the Madang Health Office has three minimum priority areas: making sure that facilities were operational, equipping health centres with the right medical supplies and staff, and constantly supervise rural health centres.

Madang provincial games begin

The Madang Provincial Games opening ceremony saw district teams  doing a march past starting from Kusbau Primary School in their colours with traditional singsing group from Amele area leading them in.

Madang Provincial Sports Coordinator Robin Hevesa said the opening ceremony was done in the Madang way seeing teams enjoying the speeches given by the guests  followed by the Madang and the National anthems being sung.

Ramu Nico maintains stand on safety after death

In a statement released today, the company says  that it strictly implements world standard “Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems” in compliance with relevant PNG mining standards and procedures.

The company said this following a call by the Minister for Trade, Commerce and Industry, Richard Maru to conduct a full scale investigation into safety and operation standards following an alleged murder of one of Ramu NiCo’s Kurumbukari mine operators.

Raicoast leader pleas for help

Ganglau village elder and clinic chairman Sibi Dub says since independence other parts of the country are progressing but Raicoast had been forgotten and left behind.

Dub says the road infrastructure is going from bad to worse, people are forced to cross the river and walk a long way to get to goods and services, mothers and children are dying due to the collapse of  health services.

He says mothers giving birth and dying on the spot with child was happening often with a major fall  also happening in education facilities.

Ramu school tops Grade 8 exams

Elated local MP and Agriculture and Livestock Minister Tommy Tomscoll who was present at the graduation praised the good work of the teachers and revealed the good news as the way forward for Middle-Ramu District.

He says the primary school just this year got it’s first Grade 8 classes and was also upgraded to become a primary school and the news of topping the province in the exams is welcome news that Middle Ramu values education and can produce bright students for the future.

Think of us, Governor tells Govt, investors

The provincial governor threw the challenge to the National Government and Pacific Marine Industrial Zone (PMIZ) project investors to consult his office for input. "

“We have not gained from previous investments," Kas said at the PMIZ launching yesterday in Madang.

He said that "PMIZ will trigger economic development (and) the thoughts of the provincial government and impacted communities must be considered."

The Pacific Marine Industrial Zone (PMIZ) project will create 30,000 jobs.

PMIZ is situated close to RD Tuna Cannery at Vidar, Madang Province.

This project will be developed on 215 hectares of land.

100 hectares is designated to host canneries and 115 hectares for residential and commercial purposes.

The project was delayed for five years because of Court proceedings instigated by landowners.

In a statement today Trade Minister Richard Maru said "the PMIZ concessional loan has been extended by the China Exim Bank to pave way for the construction of the PMIZ project to start.