Madang Province

BSP Reaching Unserved Communities

While this is saving a lot of time and money for the rural community, BSP continues its commitment to financial inclusion and reaching underserved through such community services.

BSP Banking Agency Manager, Stanley Seimoni said BSP recognizes the importance of providing banking services to all individuals, regardless of their geographical location.

“Their collaboration with BSP ensures a comprehensive and seamless experience for customers, further enhancing the accessibility and convenience of banking services in the region.” He said.

BSP commissions first agent on Manam

On Monday 10th July, 2023, BSP Commissioned its first Agent in Baliau Village on Manam Island located off the coast of Madang. BSP Madang Branch Manager, Mary Koi said accessing banking services involved travelling up to four hours to BSP Madang.

It is estimated at least a two-day round trip for customers to travel to Madang to access banking services.

In-service vital for development

In Madang, Tusbab Secondary School has taken the initiative to conduct in-service for its staff, but at the same time inviting other high schools to participate as well.

During the closing ceremony, In-Service trainer Mr Kavagu, the Deputy Principal Administration, highly stressed on the uniformity of delivery within the education system, for quality results to be achieved, in this case, the roll out of SBC in term 3 for all grades 9.

Sumgilbar Cooperative embarks on poultry

Former district administrator for Madang Province, Jimmy Sekum is the man behind the establishment of the Sumgilbar Cooperative Society.

The government recently banned importing of chicken into Papua New Guinea, hoping to create a lucrative industry for farmers nationwide. Many provinces, have since then, taken the initiative to embark in poultry, with some locally packaged chicken assortments already in the shops throughout the country.

Ramu women complete financial literacy training

From February to April 2023, Erusta Bill, a certified local trainer under the USAID’s partnership with the Center for Excellence in Financial Inclusion (CEFI), conducted training mostly for women in the basics of financial literacy. 

Participants now have a better understanding on savings and budgeting; foundational skills for creating new enterprises and increasing household and personal financial security, particularly for women. 

Garamut launched for festivals

It was an initiation into the community to exhibit and showcase before going into an actual show or festival out of the village, as per most of the traditions of villages in Madang Province.

The elders and leaders of the Kayan Community organized this event as part of their traditional rituals, but also to give a feel to the young men and women in their community, of how such events are hosted and performed so that they can learn and promote their culture.

Survey needed to improve services

The management was also urged to start carrying out surveys to counter and improve service delivery in the province.

Nurse Karen Demok called upon the Senior Executive Management to recall a workshop that was held by the National Health Department on National Health Service Standards last November.

She said it was high time now revisited and acted upon implementing the National Health Service Standards by conducting surveys in all the health facilities in Madang Province.

Madang to rollout criminal database system

After so many trials, challenges and setbacks, Madang Province has now been chosen to roll out the pilot project, and have completed the workshop for all Law and Justice Sector Agency officers in Madang.

It was an intensive weeklong of information uploading and processing for the participants in terms of understanding the system itself and requirements needed in ensuring that it works and can be rolled out to the other 21 provinces.

Modilon Staff Give 14 days’ Ultimatum

On June 6th, the nurses hosted an in-house forum inviting the administration to address their issues within 14 days.

The Forum called on the Acting Chief Executive Officer and Director Public Health, Dr. Martin Daimen, and the Senior Executive Management of the Hospital to receive their forum agendas and also to address the issues.

Standing with them were Doctors, Sisters and other medical and clinical staff, who also want to see positive changes in the hospital.

Madang Craft market gains momentum

Young and enthusiastic Leanne Ealedona, has been making an effort to change that by hosting a craft market since February this year.

The 4th crafts market was successfully hosted at the Country Women’s Association grounds over the weekend. Leanne stated that the last three Market were hosted at the Madang Visitors and Cultural Bureau premises. However, due to some issues they had to find another location to host the end of May market.