Modilon General Hospital

Communities challenged to lead fight against AIDS

Acting Nursing Unit manager Sr. Alida Sagem when leading the STI and HIV clinic in an awareness in Madang town said for 2023, about 97 positive cases, which she said on average, three to five positive cases are picked up every day, but could be many out there living with the virus.

“Health officials are concerned that whilst the figures are high nationwide, it may be even higher as not everyone does testing and we may have more HIV/AIDS figures which may yet to be identified.

Golf tourney raises K65,000 for Modilon

President of Madang Golf and Madang Country Club, George Ireng said that they would like to use golf to support charity or for a worthy cause.

In its search for a sponsor to aid its fundraising efforts, Kumul Mineral Holdings Limited (KMHL) stepped up to sponsor prizes for participants in the Ambrose Championship. The golfing fundraiser attracted support from local businesses also.

MPHA seeks a month to resolve issues

Finally, the Chief Executive Officer, Fidelis Waipma, Dr. Martin Daimen the Director Public Health and Dr. Judith Gawi Director Curative Health and other administration members walked over to their placed seats.

To the dismay of the all the organizing nurses and those that attended the gathering, CEO Waipma, called on the media and told them to leave the forum, stating that it was an “Internal Issue” which they needed to sort on their own and that they would have a later date set for the media to be briefed upon the outcome.

Survey needed to improve services

The management was also urged to start carrying out surveys to counter and improve service delivery in the province.

Nurse Karen Demok called upon the Senior Executive Management to recall a workshop that was held by the National Health Department on National Health Service Standards last November.

She said it was high time now revisited and acted upon implementing the National Health Service Standards by conducting surveys in all the health facilities in Madang Province.

Modilon Staff Give 14 days’ Ultimatum

On June 6th, the nurses hosted an in-house forum inviting the administration to address their issues within 14 days.

The Forum called on the Acting Chief Executive Officer and Director Public Health, Dr. Martin Daimen, and the Senior Executive Management of the Hospital to receive their forum agendas and also to address the issues.

Standing with them were Doctors, Sisters and other medical and clinical staff, who also want to see positive changes in the hospital.

Dead Bodies Rotting In Container

Alouis Masulu told the media that the containers that the freezers are not working properly and the dead bodies are decaying. He said this has been ongoing and has been happening and the hospital have to tell people from Madang to take the bodies back home for burial.

He said the Chinese who was shot dead last Thursday was taken to the hospital and later died, his family and friends were told to bring in their own freezer to store the body of late Weng Yanquing. 

Low manpower, drugs at Modilon

The cut in budget at the government level impacted many areas of the health sector.

For the hospitals, it was a hard year.

Modilon was restricted by the Department of Personnel Management to recruit this year, hence the struggle with manpower.

Sr Gulag Sual, the director nursing services, says: "We only recruited for vacancies that came up.  No mass recruit from institutes this year.”

She also revealed the hospital's challenge with drug shortage.