Tabubil Hospital staff give back to patients

It was a wonderful and joyous night for all patients as the hospital staff brought great smiles and happiness to their faces by presenting them with gifts starting from the General Ward to Maternity, Accidents & Emergency, Children’s Ward, General Outpatient and TB Wards.

Tabubil Hospital Administrator, Margareth Samei said the issuing of the gifts has brought great smiles and joy to patients who were unable to celebrate with their families at home.

Quiet Christmas, Lae police applauded

Families got together, exchanged gifts and observed the festive season in their own backyards, with less pedestrians and commuters on the road.

St John Ambulance (SJA) noted that hotspots like East and West Taraka, Igam, Buimo and even 7th Street were quiet.

“Our crew went into West Taraka – and some of these hotspots – and said the areas were quiet,” reported SJA Momase regional commander, Anderson Poumb.

“People were drinking alcohol but within their own premises. They were not being a nuisance on public roads.

Embracing peace, love and hope at Christmas

“Dear Members of the Church Community, and people of faith, family faith and beloved brothers and sisters. Warm greeting so Christ’s peace and love to you all. As we approach the close of this year, the joyous season of Christmas heralds a new beginning.

“In celebrating the birth of Jesus, we embrace the hope and promise at the arrival of a little baby, carries for all of humanity. Throughout eternity, God’s heart has yearned for a connection with each one of us and often our hearts remain hardened, neglecting God’s longing for our response,” the Cardinal said.

Christmas joy at the PMGH

Thanks to their extensive network of corporate and NGO contacts, including the benevolent White angels from Total Energy, the Children Cancer Ward and Children Emergency Ward were graced with love and support.

The hospital expressed their gratitude to Friends of PomGen for their generous contributions and wished everyone a Merry Christmas. Meanwhile, Santa Claus visited the Special Nursery Care ward, bringing joy to newborns and their mothers.

This thoughtful gesture was made possible by the kind-hearted friends at iCare4U, who gifted the ward with many presents.

Kalibobo lights up for Christmas

Ward 2 council and Deputy Town Mayor Sammy Tindipu has brought again the Christmas spirit into town, lighting up the Kalibobo lighthouse for families to share the Christmas spirit.

Tindipu initiated the Christmas lights five years ago after winning the Ward 2 council elections in 2019.

In five years, he has been sourcing sponsorship and support from business houses, the provincial government and ward funding to sustain this initiative.

Modilon Hospital receives Christmas donations

This will enable the hospital to provide special meals for patients during the festive period.

Golden Rise Investments came with two truckloads of gifts while RD Tuna Canners also joined with 171 cartons of eggs from their Vidar Chicken Farm.

Golden Rise Investments wished the hospital staff, management and all patients a happy Christmas wishing the patients well this festive season..

The presentation was done to the catering department of Modilon Hospital and received by the Administration Manager, John Jeremiah.

Christmas gift in Dios bridge

Dios village is located in Tinputz District along the Kokopau to Itakara road about 50 kilometers from Kokopau.

The Kokopau to Itakara trunk road provides a critical link between the Central, Northern, and Southern regions of Bougainville, connecting villages, communities and livelihood supply chains, including for the people of Tinputz.

Elated locals joined the Department of Technical Services (DTS) of the Autonomous Bougainville Government (ABG) and the Department of Works and Highways (DoWH) for the official opening.

Police Launch Festive Operation in South Bougainville

Inspector John Popui, Commander of Buin Police Station, stressed the importance of adhering to traffic rules, particularly for vehicle owners and drivers.

Police checks have been implemented as part of the operation, leading to a full Buin police lockup unable to accommodate more lawbreakers.

Inspector Popui urgently called on vehicle owners to verify the registration and roadworthiness of their vehicles before hitting the public roads.

Christmas police operations in Yangoru-Saussia

Yangoru-Saussia Member of Parliament (MP) and Minister for International Trade and Investment, Richard Maru is appealing to his people of Yangoru-Saussia to use the festive season for church, sports, and other worthwhile activities and not wild drinking and involvement in crime.

“I am particularly calling on the warring communities of Soli and Warahembe in East Yangoru LLG to stop further escalation of trouble as we have already lost four lives,” said Minister Maru.

Christmas celebrations for the young

The Salesians and benefactors of Don Bosco joined the program with Christmas gifts for the young people. The program started with an opening mass headed by the Parish Priest Fr Moise Paluku SDB. 

In his homily, he thanked the youth who have been actively participating in all the youth activities in the parish throughout the year 2022 and encouraged them to be more active with their leadership skills in their respective communities.