Cardinal Sir John Ribat

FCBCO Assembly concludes meet

At the end of the Eucharistic celebration, Cardinal John Ribat msc, president of the FCBCO Assembly, then presented a beautiful copper beaten and glass framed ‘lakatoi’ to Archbishop Peter Loy Chong, Archbishop of Fiji. The CEPAC Conference will host the next FCBCO Assembly in 4 years’ time.

As he presented it, he spoke of the double hulled sailing watercraft of Papua New Guinea that was traditionally used in the Hiri trade. It was the Lakatoi that was used for voyages and it carried the men to the different sites and brought them safely back. 

Cardinal Ribat welcomes Cross

Around midday today, Cardinal Sir John Ribat welcomed the cross brought in by the congregation and parishioners of St Paul.

Despite the extreme heat of the sun, the congregation came in numbers, escorted by traffic police, to the final station.

Cardinal Sir John made an entrance to bless the Cross before it was to be brought into the church.

The veneration of the Cross is scheduled to take place at 3pm this afternoon.

This is known to be the ‘Hour of the Lord’ and believed to be the time that Jesus died on the Cross.

Remain steadfast in this tech world: Ribat

The main celebrant was his eminence Cardinal Sir John Ribat, who congratulated the Taurama community for organising an interdenominational service.

“And this is the truth about what we are celebrating today, doesn’t matter what religion we come from, Jesus is our Lord, Jesus is our Saviour,” said Sir John.

His main message was for Christians to remain steadfast to the Word of God.

He said today’s world, with the advent of technology, has changed the lives of many Papua New Guineans and while progress was welcomed, therein lies a lot of temptations as well.

Malabag acknowledges Church HIV Summit

This is what Health and HIV/AIDS Minister Michael Malabag said during the closing of the first HIV Summit for PNG Christian Leaders Alliance at Stanley Hotel on Thursday.

Malabag upon receiving the recommendations presented to him by the Chairman for PNGCLA, Cardinal Sir John Ribat thanked and acknowledged the leaders on their thoughts into the running of this first ever HIV summit for heads of churches in PNG.

“Churches have always been a vital partner in working together with the Department of Health in advocating about HIV and AIDS.”

Family proud of late GG’s achievement

Australia’s Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove flew into Papua New Guinea’s capital this morning to pay his country’s respect.

PNG was a former colony of Australia.   

Also in attendance were Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, Governor-General-elect Bob Dadae, Deputy Parliament Speaker John Simon, Members of Parliament, ABG Assembly Speaker Simon Pentanu, Members of the Diplomatic Community, family and people mostly from the Autonomous Region of Bougainville.      

Cardinal Sir John Ribat receives Queens Award

Yesterday a supplementary list and outstanding recipients of the awards were present at Government House to receive their long service awards for their distinguished service to the community through their significant contribution to the country.

Among the 30 recipients was the Minister for Health and  HIV/AIDS and the Moresby North-West MP Michael Malabag, PNG’s first cardinal and Catholic Archbishop Cardinal Sir John Ribat and NCD Central Police Commander Sylvester Kalaut who were also at the occasion to receive their service award.

PM O’Neill encourages Ribat to deepen church activities

“We want to be a strong partner with our church because our priorities are the same. Together we will continue to invest money and time in our core policy areas of healthcare and education.

“These areas underpin the social structure of our nation and we must continue to strengthen our communities.”

O’Neill said for many decades, the Government did not do much in rural and remote areas, and it was the church that stepped in to help the people.

New Cardinal Sir John grateful for appointment

Cardinals are personally selected by the Pope. Pope Francis announced the new cardinals from the steps of St. Peter’s Basilica at the end of a special Mass on Sunday, October 9, in the Vatican.

The 59-year-old is among 17 cardinals selected by the pope and is now the sixth cardinal ever selected from the Oceania region.

The group includes men from five countries that had never before had a cardinal, namely PNG, Bangladesh, the Central African Republic, Lesotho and Malaysia.