Saii Kay detained by police

The Loneliness singer and his partner were arrested in Lae by the NCD armed robbery squad for the illegal use, and misuse, of motor vehicle.

Lae metropolitan superintendent, Chris Kunyanban, said a complaint was filed in Port Moresby, which was followed up by detectives from Boroko, who managed to apprehend the duo on Tuesday, April 20th.

 “What happened was, they hired a vehicle without paying,” stated Chief Supt Kunyanban. “The wife hired the vehicle and they were using it without paying the dues back to the company that they hired the vehicle from.”

Residents owe supplier K28m

Apart from households, senior manager, Martin Bigiglen, outlined that the University of Technology owes them K5 million and the Royal PNG Constabulary has an outstanding of around K4 million.

“The Government departments owe a lot of money,” he stated.

“They’re paying but slowly.”

He said though it is frustrating, they have taken residents’ needs into consideration.

Bigiglen said in Unitech’s case, they are considering the students’ welfare, while for members of the public, some have lost their jobs or have retired, hence have no way of settling their bills.

Lae faces water issues

Of the seven bores located along the Unitech road, only four were working to supply the city until the issue yesterday evening, leaving only three functioning bores.

Water PNG senior manager, Martin Bigiglen, highlighted that production is very low and cannot meet the city’s demand. Though 1,300 kilolitres of water an hour is the required output, Water PNG is currently producing 630 kilolitres an hour.

“That’s half of the demand,” he stated.

“With that sort of load, you cannot meet city demand.

Lae isolation facilities

NKW has its own setup while an adjacent facility comes under the Morobe Provincial Health Authority.

Residents and health workers have been raising questions regarding the 11-Mile isolation facility within the NKW premises.  

The matter was brought to the fore on March 17th when staff at the ANGAU Memorial Provincial Hospital held a forum at the ANGAU chapel and called for their own isolation facility.

New vehicles for law enforcers

The 10 vehicles were handed over to the Royal PNG Constabulary, Correctional Services and Magisterial Services at Lae Top Town.

Top town came to a standstill as a colourful parade was hosted this morning to commemorate the occasion.

Under the leadership of the Lae MP, John Rosso, the vehicles were purchased to assist in the improvement of law and order in the city.

Rosso, who could not make the event, nominated a member of the Lae City Authority Board, George Gware, to speak on his behalf.


COVID-19 patient passes in Lae

Of the recently announced three new cases, Morobe Provincial Health Authority CEO, Dr Kipas Binga, said one of them was ‘quite sick’ whilst the other two were asymptomatic.

Compounded with other medical conditions, his state worsened.

“It was not a straightforward COVID-19 case,” said Dr Binga.

Crane falls on girl

The girl, believed to be seven years of age, was in their makeshift haus kuk when the crane overturned next door and crashed through the Lae Biscuit compound and onto the roof of the haus kuk, allegedly landing on her back.

Delos St resident, Priscilla James, said the shocked child managed to crawl out through a space in the debris.

Great job by low risk prisoners

Under the Lae City Authority-Buimo CIS Rehabilitation Program, inmates are engaged to clean up and beautify the city.

On Monday (July 13) morning, low risk inmates from the Buimo CS facility in Lae were in their working gear, cleaning up the Eriku Roundabout and Lae Show Roundabout - Bumbu Road areas.

The Lae MP noted good progress under the Lae City Authority-Buimo CIS Rehabilitation Program.


Initiative to aid Lae families affected by COVID-19

This initiative of the Lae City Authority, working with the PNG-Australia partnership and the Westpac bank, will assist families, mainly widows and mothers, who have lost their only form of income through the COVID-19 pandemic.

These women would be identified by ward councillors from the 6 wards of Lae Urban and 17 wards of Ahi LLG to be part of this program.

Lae MP, John Rosso, said this program will be for six months, starting July, with Westpac bank opening bank accounts and conducting financial literacy training for participants.

Order finally brought to Lae bus stops

While Port Moresby, East New Britain and Eastern Highlands were following the state of emergency protocol, it was business as usual in PNG’s second largest city.

This newsroom received reports that buses were overloaded with passengers while social distancing was far from the agenda as people crowded the sidewalks or waited in line at the bank.

However, by 4pm this afternoon, some form of order was brought about when police officers made sure commuters adhered to social distancing while 25-seater buses were not permitted to carry more than 15 passengers.