Report rogue Lae police officers

Acting Assistant Commissioner of Police for Northern Command, Chris Kunyanban, made this statement after he was advised of an assault on private citizens by a police officer.

On the afternoon of Friday, 16th of February, a company vehicle in Lae was doing drop off when two of its staff were assaulted in the middle of Milfordhaven Road, opposite the Bridgestone Tyres tyre shop.

The incident stemmed from two near collisions between the 15-seater drop-off bus and a blue Nissan single cab along Markham Road, near the Mangola Drive roundabout.  

Several killed in Lae confrontation

In a press briefing this afternoon, Assistant Commissioner of Police - Northern Command, Peter Guinness, said opportunists did not fear for their lives when they rushed to break into shops and business houses. 

“Several of those would-be looters were shot and they’re now at the morgue; four confirmed dead and eight casualties,” ACP Guinness told Lae media in the presence of the Morobe Provincial Administrator, Max Bruten, and the team leaders of the joint forces. 

Joint forces halt looting at Lae’s Two-Mile

Units from the Royal PNG Constabulary and the PNG Defence Force responded to reports of a gathering crowd at Two-Mile at around 9am.

Backup was called when it was obvious that the crowd size was too big; over 200 men, women and children were loitering around the area.

Lae on alert

Office buildings have been closed as staff were told to remain at home, or were turned back by police.

With the looting and ransacking that happened in the nation’s capital yesterday, opportunists are hoping to have a go at shops and business houses today.

Police had to disperse groups at Chinatown, Top Town and Eriku this morning. Residents heard gunshots as early as 7am.

Quiet Christmas, Lae police applauded

Families got together, exchanged gifts and observed the festive season in their own backyards, with less pedestrians and commuters on the road.

St John Ambulance (SJA) noted that hotspots like East and West Taraka, Igam, Buimo and even 7th Street were quiet.

“Our crew went into West Taraka – and some of these hotspots – and said the areas were quiet,” reported SJA Momase regional commander, Anderson Poumb.

“People were drinking alcohol but within their own premises. They were not being a nuisance on public roads.

Remarkable drop in Lae trauma cases

Twenty-three (23) cases in total were attended to by the first responder, from the morning of December 25th to Boxing Day.

People’s mindsets have slowly been changing over the years, thanks to the leadership of Lae City Authority and its stakeholders, including the Lae Metropolitan Command.

Drunken brawls, noise pollution and petty crimes – which used to be the scourge of festive periods in Lae – are slowly declining.

The days leading up to Christmas, and the festive period itself, were observed quietly and peacefully by residents.

LCA takes over stadium management

A lease agreement was signed today at the outdoor stadium between the Lae City Authority chief executive officer, Robin Calistus, and the Papua New Guinea Sports Foundation CEO, Albert Veratau.

Member for Lae and Deputy Prime Minister, John Rosso, has always stressed on restoring Lae to its glory days; the days when families can enjoy the city and its benefits without fearing for their safety.

Festivities planned for Lae

To be hosted at the Lae Botanical Gardens, the LaeFest 2023 will have a series of traditional food, exotic cultural singsing, village life exhibitions, carving and weaving and SME arts & crafts.

For entry, children will pay K1 while adults pay K2.

Live music will be provided by Red Ink Tern, Reks Band, Aponge Masalai, Duaks, Ethnic DJ and Et Kalsa.

Residents wishing to book a stall can visit the old district headquarters at Huon Road, Top Town for more information.

Lae street roads getting a face-lift

The Lae City Authority says this is another industrial street road getting a much-needed facelift.

“It will be concreted,” said LCA.

“[A] Few months ago, we saw Sletfjord, another industrial street road adjacent to Erica, being concreted.

“Once work on Erica Street is completed, the two streets will complement each other well, making it convenient for business houses and industries such as Coca-Cola PNG to increase their productions while reducing cost in some areas of businesses.

“It’s one street at a time depending on funding availability.”

Rundown state of Sir Ignatius Kilage stadium evident

Lae MP and Deputy Prime Minister, John Rosso, outlined the rundown state of the sporting facilities when presenting jerseys to the Lae City FC last week.

“I’ve written to the PNG Sports Federation to hand that stadium back to Lae City Authority so we can upgrade, maintain and run it for the city,” Rosso said.

“Right now, they are running it and there’s no maintenance and it’s really rundown.