Western Province

Houses collapse following 6.6 magnitude earthquake in Solomons

Principal at Bekabeka Adventist High School Encie Dionie confirmed to SIBC News that the houses are the principal’s residence which she is residing in and the school canteen. She said a majority of staff houses have also partially collapsed. 

A school tank also fell to the ground and broke. 

“The earthquake is swift but strong but if it shook for a little longer, definitely all the houses would crumble to the ground.

Mrs Dionie said currently all the houses are leaning on one side and dangerous for staff to live in because their posts are all rotten.   

Lend A Hand In Times Of Need

On September 25th, it came to a critical situation where the Kiunga General Hospital had to close its operation due to some hospital staff catching COVID-19. This had caused the public to start seeking medical attention at the PNGDF Forward Operating Base Regimental Aid Post.

When seeing the increase of patients from nearby communities, the PNGDF team Bravo Company members was prompted to go out to help the Western Province Health Authority to conduct awareness to people in Kiunga and villages situated along the road to Tabubil.

PM promises hospital for Western Province

The Prime Minister said this in response to the request of the Member for Western Province, Toboi Awi Yoto to transfer the state’s shares to the people pf Western Province.

He said the entire country, not just the Western Province has needs. PM Marape emphasized that it is essential that resources be shared equally throughout the country.

The former O’Neill government had decided that one third in shares would go back to the people of Western Province and two-thirds to the State.

PM Marape said he believed this to be a fair call and thus has actioned that decision.

MOU Signed For Western Province Development

OTDF Chief Executive Officer Havini Vira said, “Save the Children PNG is a recognised NGO, one of the biggest here in PNG that do a lot of work in the development space. They will provide tremendous technical support to OTDF’s Community Development programs. Having well established networks with schools in Western is a bonus in this arrangement.”

Mr Vira said SCPNG have trained professionals who can provide OTDF the needed support to effectively deliver service in communities captured under the Community Mine Continuation Agreement (CMCA).

Internet Aids Rural Health Care

The SDP said prior to installing their satellite dish and internet connection, the villagers of Habi in Western Province had to walk three hours to Mougulu through the rough mountain terrain for medical help. 

Rumginae Nursing School

School principal Amos Kupaloma said establishing a new nursing school in the province will strengthen its health service, and those in the rural areas can be better served.

“The ground work which started in 2020 is progressing well nearing completion in 2022 where the infrastructures will be supported by Fly River Provincial Government and other stakeholders,” Mr Kupaloma said.

He said infrastructure includes four staff houses, an administration building, E-library, two dormitories and an extension of a classroom building for students.

K462m Western budget approved

The Budget, submitted by Governor Taboi Awi Yoto, consists of National Government grants of K236 million, and internal revenue (mostly from the resources sector) of K226.7 million.

Ling-Stuckey complimented Governor Yoto on the focus of the budget, which reflects the Marape-Basil Government’s agenda for national economic and social development.

He said he and the Treasury would work closely with the Governor and his provincial administration to ensure that the 2021 provincial budget is delivered according to plan.

Woman arrested over alleged Western funds misappropriation

The Community Mine Continuation Agreement (CMCA) Trust Funds are held with ANZ Bank.  

SPFCIT is headed by Commissioner of Police, David Manning, and comprises of police detectives, a forensic accounting specialist and legal counsel engaged the through Department of Justice & Attorney General (DJAG).  

Communication lines open for rural health facilities

These satellite dishes have started to connect 30 remote health facilities in Papua New Guinea’s Western Province to the outside world via a satellite internet service.

Twenty installations have been completed in places that previously never had any regular method of communication with the outside world.

The five-person installation team continues to push into some of the most difficult terrains in the country, deftly managing security challenges and tough conditions, often by small dinghies in crocodile-infested waters.

Western Province reports 18 new cases

This brings the country’s total confirmed positive cases to 419.

The death toll for the country remains at four, all from the National Capital District.

The 18 new cases reported are all from the Western Province bringing its total confirmed cases to 143, the majority being 140, are from the Ok Tedi Mine.

The mine shut down its operations two weeks ago when seven of its employees tested positive to COVID-19, and the mine township of Tabubil went into a 14-day lockdown.