Western Province

Local Leader Wants Change After Elections

Edward Egobia is hopeful that with the creation of the new Delta Fly electorate and a new Member elected after the election will address these issues.  

He directed his concerns to airline operators, saying simple people cannot meet the costs. Mr Egobia said there is only one airline operating the Port Moresby to Balimo route with return airfares at K4000 excluding the cargo charges.

Senior Players Call It Quits

Frank and Bisai have represented the sport of rugby union at national and international tournaments, at one stage playing for the PNG Pukpuks.

Bisai said having played at the international level, at one time playing in the Wellington 7s was a proud moment for him. He said playing in the Satellite Rugby Union 7s tournament in his home village was nothing more special to have his people witness his final performance on home soil.

Satellite 7s Underway

The matches started as early as 7am with teams from nearby villages, from inland, Daru and from up the Fly Delta region all had a representation. 

Most of the teams fielded two to three teams representing respective villages in the South Fly district. Great raw talents were on display as teams contested in six pools. 

Daru Road Repair Incomplete

Mayor Samuel Wingu said the roads remain incomplete after a certain amount of money was given to a contractor to fix up the roads. It is believed that K10 million was allocated recently for the road redevelopment.

To date nothing significant has come out of the funding support. Since the construction of the roads by Hebou Construction in the late 90s, 30 years on and little to no maintenance has been done including sealing and drainage.

Daru’s Water Woes Continue

According to Daru Town Mayor, Samuel Wingu, more than 50 percent of people in Daru, are facing water problems.

He said only 38 percent of the population on the island are connected to Water PNG while the other 62 percent collect water from through rain water or bore water.

Like many other basic service lacking, water is one of the main source of life, which is difficult to fetch in Daru.

Men, women and children carry empty containers each day, waking from one end of the town to another in search of water.

Daru CS Spirals Into Chaos

The Western Provincial Health authorities had condemned the facility after many detainees in the prison had suffered from serious illnesses.

Since 2019, little to no support has come has come forth when the facility will be improved and maintained.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the CS institute struggles to keep in line with the measures, which jail authorities believe will be hard to manage, unless government support comes home soon.

Daru Acting Jail Commander, Lena Apuri says they are still waiting for funding from South Fly and Western Provincial Administration.

Daru Hospital Lacking Medicine

Coupled with the lack of basic services in water and electricity supply on the island is even a serious issue for its local government to address. Several residents have raised concerns and are hoping something is done.

Daru Hospital CEO, Dr Niko Wuatai confirmed the shortage of medicine and said some money was recently allocated to buy medicine supply in Port Moresby and they are still waiting.

He said there is no proper process in place to fast track the purchase of medicines as he just joined the hospital and is not aware of the process involved.

YWAM in Western

The team of volunteers onboard will be working in collaboration with local health workers, Western Provincial Health Authority (WPHA), PNG Sustainable Development Program (PNGSDP), Australian Aid, and World Vision to assist with the COVID-19 response and to deliver childhood immunisations.

YWAM Medical Ships Australia & Papua New Guinea Managing Director, Ken Mulligan, said he is greatly encouraged to have the ship back in Western Province.

Houses collapse following 6.6 magnitude earthquake in Solomons

Principal at Bekabeka Adventist High School Encie Dionie confirmed to SIBC News that the houses are the principal’s residence which she is residing in and the school canteen. She said a majority of staff houses have also partially collapsed. 

A school tank also fell to the ground and broke. 

“The earthquake is swift but strong but if it shook for a little longer, definitely all the houses would crumble to the ground.

Mrs Dionie said currently all the houses are leaning on one side and dangerous for staff to live in because their posts are all rotten.   

Lend A Hand In Times Of Need

On September 25th, it came to a critical situation where the Kiunga General Hospital had to close its operation due to some hospital staff catching COVID-19. This had caused the public to start seeking medical attention at the PNGDF Forward Operating Base Regimental Aid Post.

When seeing the increase of patients from nearby communities, the PNGDF team Bravo Company members was prompted to go out to help the Western Province Health Authority to conduct awareness to people in Kiunga and villages situated along the road to Tabubil.