Port Moresby General Hospital

Family to pursue legal advice on cause of death

Late Charlene was nine months pregnant and was admitted at PMGH on October 9, 2021.

The family stated that after observations were done by a doctor, Charlene was declared COVID-19 positive. She had been vaccinated on September 27, 2021 – just two weeks prior.

Because of her COVID-19 status, Charlene was admitted to Ward 10, which keeps COVID-19 patients.

However, she was discharged the following day, October 10, with a prescription totaling K375, which she would pick up at a pharmacy.

PMGH COVID-19 Cases Increase

PMGH’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Paki Molumi has expressed that the current COVID-19 surge is the worst so far and the numbers are alarmingly increasing.

As of Monday 11th October, two more COVID-19 deaths were recorded, with 169 confirmed cases, 133 being admitted to PMGH and 33 at Taurama Aquatic Centre new COVID-19 holding facility.

The Taurama Aquatic Centre has now been fully dedicated to the moderate and low risk cases, relieving PMGH to deal with more severe cases and to return to normal operations.

Inquest Into Death of 14-Year-Old

Parents, Ben and Raela Mary Wanzing were at the Waigani District court this morning where the case is being registered at the court registry for a Coroner’s inquest into the death of their son.

“The post-mortem has been done already and this week will be the sixth week since he passed on. We thought the case was registered by the Hospital (POMGH) with the Coroner, however when we wanted to take the body to lay to rest, the Coroner said the case was never reported,” said Mrs Wanzing.

KPHL donation to Cardiac Lab

The Cardiac facility now have an Ultra Sound scan machine which is one of the latest on the market. The equipment were purchased as part of the K50 million commitment under an MOU signed in August 2020. 

Hospital CEO Dr. Paki Molumi said the funding from KPHL has made it possible for the end users of the Cardiac equipment to select the equipment of their choice which is GE. 

Tuna Bay School of Nursing – a public-private

The first batch of students studying towards their Advance Diploma have now completed most of their theory and practical but are still awaiting hospital work experience in order to add onto their course requirements before they can graduate.

The school has expressed desperation for approvals from the Port Moresby General Hospital and NCD Provincial Health Authority, for its Final Year nursing students, to utilize their hospitals and clinics, to complete their clinical Hospital placements, to meet curriculum requirements.

Port Moresby General Hospital capacity challenge

A recent post on the Facebook page, showed people crowding outside the hospital with a comment saying that hospital is filled to capacity with the increase of the city’s population. 

Medical and clinical services are stretched to the limit at the Port Moresby General Hospital due to NCD & Central province populations seeking primary and secondary health care at this hospital.
The hospital clarified that people line up to be screened at the triage before being sent to the respective clinics within. 

Indian Anaesthetic Drug Questioned Over Deaths

The  Propofol Injection, which had fatal effects on the lives of seven patients on 12th of August during surgery at the Port Moresby General Hospital.

This newsroom understands from these seven patients, four of them died including late 14-year old Rex Wanzing.

According to a circular from Dr. Osborn Liko, the anaesthetic drug in question was manufactured in India.

Product Name: “Propofol Injection IP 10mg/mL vial (1% W/V)

Manufacture: Cooper Phama Limited, India

PMGH Investigates Anaesthetics

To ensure that the root cause is identified, the Minister of Health Jelta Wong, will sanction an independent Investigating Committee with clear Terms of Reference. The Terms of Reference will be directed towards identifying the root cause(s) to clearly establish the exact cause of death.

Marape adamant to deliver quality health services

Prime Minister James Marape made these remarks recently when witnessing the historical first-ever stenting procedure at the Port Moresby General Hospital (PMGH).

Stenting is a treatment where a small mesh tube is placed in a person’s blood vessel to widen it, and allow for efficient blood flow, preventing him/her from dying of heart attack.

PMGH has become the first public hospital in the country to carry out invasive cardiac cauterization to diagnose and treat coronary heart diseases.

First Stenting Procedure

Chief Executive Officer of Port Moresby General Hospital Dr. Paki Molumi said at the landmark occasion that when the Cath Lab was opened only angiography procedures were performed by visiting Interventional Cardiologist. Now, following support from Kumul Petroleum Holdings Limited (KPHL), an Interventional Cardiologist has been recruited and with the assistance of the local team, performed the first stenting of a blocked coronary artery.

This is a life-saving procedure to prevent the patient from dying from what is commonly called the ‘heart attack’.