Port Moresby General Hospital

PMGH receives vital equipment

The equipment which cost around US$45,000 (PGK60,000) come under the cancer support projects that IAEA is supporting to PNG.
The radiation safety equipment were handed over by the IAEA National Liaison Officer, Deputy Secretary for National Health Status Standards, Dr. Dora Lentut Katal.
The equipment were received by Director of Medical Services, PMGH, Dr. Koni Sobi on behalf of the PMGH CEO, Dr. Paki Molumi at the hospital board room, witnessed by staff from the Radiology department and the National Department of Health.   

Respect hospital equipment: Dr. Sobi

PMGH Director for Medical Services, Dr. Koni Sobi, announced this during the donation of three new vital Observation Monitors to the Emergency Department.

“The important point is for the staff and the patients to respect property. This is all in turn will help to care for our healthcare needs. Public property in the hospital is everyone’s responsibility to protect,” he stated.

The reason for this call to action was due to the damaged equipment in the recent past by a patient.

Shady Rest Hotel donates to hospital

These include hospital bedding for patients and toiletries. Many corporate friends of POMGen have come forward with variety of gifts and one of the recent ones is the Shady Rest Hotel.

Shady Rest Hotel donated 60 cartons of Dove Soap to the Port Moresby General Hospital to support the needs of patients admitted to the hospital.

Marketing Manager, Wesley Watuna stated that a strong community is built on the foundation of good health.

PacTrade welcomes New Year Babies

PacTrade’s Marketing Coordinator, Rosslyn Arek who delivered the donation said they have been supporting Friends of PomGen since last year with emergency appeals for the hospital and they intend to continue this partnership in 2023.

With this donation for the month of January, we now kick start our monthly supply of new born packs for the Maternity Ward. FOPG Operations, Grace Roland was on hand to receive the donation.

She thanked PacTrade for the wonderful partnership and support.

Santos staff donate blood

Donating blood is a simple act that can save many lives and at the same time benefit the donor by improving overall cardiovascular health, reduce the chance of heart attacks, lower the risk of stroke, stimulate the production of new red blood cells, and lower the risk of cancer.

Leon Buskens, Santos Country Chair PNG who is a regular blood donor said; “It is important for staff and the organisation (Santos) to contribute as we never know when we or a loved one may be in real need of blood.

Mass burial at NCD

Director of Medical Services at Port Moresby General Hospital, Dr. Koni Sobi said there are currently 295 unclaimed bodies of the deceased at the hospital morgue.

Director of Medical Services at Port Moresby General Hospital Dr. Koni Sobi said there were 92 unclaimed bodies and body parts, which were at the morgue from March – July 2022. These were buried today.

Dr Kobi said last year they did just one mass burial for unclaimed bodies brought to the morgue between January and March of 2022.

Doctors affirm NCDC mortuary space full

Dr. Naipao said the situation came about due to the morgue being full and it cannot accommodate anymore bodies. He said the situation of the layout is reflective of the situational problems the city and the nation is facing. 
He added that the mortuary is a function of NCDC, unfortunately, this facility is at PMGH, thus it is forced to take on the function.  
A full morgue reveals that relatives of the deceased are not coming to claim bodies and bury them.

PMGH delivers 40 New Year babies

Susan Michael, a mother from Simbu, delivered the heaviest baby for New Year’s Day; a bouncing baby boy weighing 4.3 kg. 
Dilala Kiniwi, 31, from Southern Highlands Province birthed a baby girl weighing 3.75 kg. Kiniwi said in 2016, she delivered a set of twins, a boy and a girl, on Christmas Day. She was happy to have another special baby again.

Alcohol-related cases top festive emergencies

Official records from the Christmas period record nearly fifty (50) cases with 70 per cent being male.

The most common injury was Assault and Blunt force trauma, with Penetrating injuries being the next most common.

The New Year period, however, saw a quiet night progressing into the New Year with most casualties arriving after 8am to the department.

By 3:00pm on Monday 1st January 2023, over 40 patients were seen, 80 per cent were male.

Unfortunately, 98 per cent of all injuries during both the Christmas and New Year period were alcohol related.

PMGH appeal for blood donations

In a public appeal poster Port Moresby General Hospital appealed for urgent blood donation from the public because the hospital has low blood supply.

The appeal said the blood donation would help women with complications of pregnancy such as ectopic pregnancies, and hemorrhage before, during or after childbirth.

It will also help children with severe anemia often resulting from malaria or malnutrition, people with trauma following man-made and natural disasters, and many complex surgical and medical procedures and cancer patients.