Port Moresby General Hospital

NPC swear in District Procurement Commissions


Komo-Magarima in Hela province and Nipa Kutubu in Southern Highlands both had their district procurement committees sworn in together with the Port Moresby General Hospital’s special committee on Monday 9th November at the NPC office in Port Moresby.

NPC CEO, Simon Bole addressed the new committees by explaining some of the administrative procedures within a newly set up procurement office. He said the boards are only the end part of the administration powers, while the administrative functions complete the processes.   

Medical equipment for PMGH

BSP Life PNG is a licensed life insurance company which commenced operations in PNG in January 2018. It is the youngest subsidiary of the BSP Group. This event is an historical one for the team as it is the first community project for the business.

The Emergency Department was selected after sighting an appeal by PMGH on social media. The BSP Life team selected the Emergency Department as they are the frontline and point of entry at PMGH.

PMGH mortuary full

CEO Dr Paki Molumi said there are up to 300 bodies being kept in a facility that can cater for only 120 at a time.

The mortuary in the nation’s capital is pushing its limits, and residents whose loved ones have been in there for quite a while, have been asked to bury their relatives, or they will be face mass burial.

“As you’ve seen in the papers, we are asking for relatives to come and claim the bodies and give them a decent burial. If that doesn’t happen then we will do a mass burial,” Dr Molumi said.

K10,000 for PMGH children’s ward

BPNG staff members were at the Port Moresby General Hospital boardroom to witness senior analyst, John Nema, present the dummy cheque on their behalf.

The donation was a reflection of the Bank’s 46th anniversary, hence teams representing different sections of the Bank were present at the hospital.

It was something different from the usual in-house celebration.

The Hospital’s Acting Director for Medical Service and Paediatrician, Doctor Kone Sobi, acknowledged the bank’s generosity.

New CEO for PMGH

Dr Molumi, originally from Mendi, Southern Highlands Province, was selected from a field of international candidates. Dr Molumi holds a bachelor of medicine and surgery, post graduate qualifications as an ear, nose and throat surgeon and a Master of Business Administration.

Johnston noted that the Hospital Board is delighted to have Dr Molumi, a Papua New Guinean, leading the nation’s major hospital.

Clinic goes digital

The digital system, which was recently launched by the Acting Chief Executive Officer of Port Moresby General Hospital, Dr. Paki Molumi, is referred to as a cost cutting and time saving measure for both the patients and doctors at the clinic.

Dr. Molumi said this system has been in place at the PMGH for the last two years and they have seen that patients who come through the Six-Mile Clinic are still going through the dilemma of waiting for hours and days – both at the clinic and the hospital.

Inmate on the run

Bomana Correctional Institute is appealing to citizens to report any sighting of the escapee.

Moses Maina escaped from the Port Moresby General Hospital on 23 May after he was taken there for medical treatment on orders of the National Court.

Bomana Correctional Institute Commander, Haraha Kiddy Keko, said the inmate is still on the run and has appealed to citizens to report to either CS or police if they do sight Maina.

The Commander can be contacted on 7212 0579 and 7660 7100. 

An order for his apprehension has also been issued by the District Court.

No contractor can build level 7 hospital: NDA

“This is a concern now,” says the President of the National Doctors Association, Dr. James Naipao.

Dr Naipao was referring to the Port Moresby General Hospital redevelopment plan.

“The Board of PMGH and Management might think otherwise. This statement stands to be corrected if otherwise there is one.

Betelnut linked to sudden death

Now, chief of Emergency, Doctor Sam Yokopua, Department of Health, has warned that betelnut chewing can cause sudden cardiac death.

This awareness comes after seeing numerous sudden deaths at the Port Moresby General Hospital Emergency Department (ED), most with the history of chewing betelnut and suddenly collapsing.

While this may come as a shock to many, Dr Yokopua gives a medical explanation of this cause.

Dire implications in health sector outlined

Shortages in human resource, unavailability of supplies and inadequate infrastructure have led to very low access and utilisation rates.

According to the World Bank Group report, in 2016 only a third of women had access to modern contraceptive methods, 54 percent of pregnant women attended at least one antenatal care visit and only 40 percent of women delivered with the assistance of a skilled birth attendant.

More worryingly, coverage of basic health services such as immunisation is declining.