Health Services

Rigo health services expected to improve

This is an initiative of the Digicel Foundation in partnership with the office of the Member for Rigo and the District Development Authority.

The partnership for the purchase of the mobile health centre was signed on Monday, November 12th.

Many sectors in both districts and provinces lack resources and facilities and in the health sector, mobile health services or fully kitted ambulances is one of the vital resources that is lacking; and this is no exception for Rigo District in Central Province.

New Board have plans for Gerehu Hospital


Chairman, Peter Del Monte said today after his swearing in at the launch of Gerehu General Hospital says funding has and will always be a major aspect to consider in the overseeing of the hospital.

Monte says the board will work on the return of investments in delivering a great service to the community  which is what this is all about and making sure that taxpayers money are taken care of and used to its full potential.

He adds that the other part is delivering on the national health services and making sure that the standards are met at all times.

Workshop set for Cervical Cancer Vaccination NCD pilot project

The project was launched on March 10, by the National Department of Health Secretary, Pascoe Kase in partnership with the National Department of Education and the Rotary Club of Boroko.

As a follow up to the launch, PNG Cancer Foundation will be hosting a workshop on the cervical cancer vaccination and the NCD Pilot Project at the end of this week on Friday, March 17, at the Health Services, Standard Branch.

Hela PHA aims to improve delivery of health services

Hela PHA Chair and Managing Director of Oil Search, Peter Botten and his board of directors reconfirmed their commitment when talking to Hela Provincial Hospital staff before their first board meeting recently.

Since 2016, Oil Search, the Oil Search Foundation and the National Government have closely supported the Hela PHA in its efforts to improve health outcomes in Hela.

Health crisis looming nationwide says Oro Governor

He said the Government promised to maintain these church-run health services, but have not been funded.

He added that the nurses are now planning to go on strike because they have not been paid on time.

Juffa told Loop PNG that he had met with the Anglican Health Services in Northern Province and was informed that they have not received their allocations since July.

Hospital morgue shuts down

Acting Chief Executive Officer Dr Vincent Atua in an urgent notice to the Provincial Government and other stakeholders pointed out that the morgue is out of service.

Dr Atua in his letter is urging Madang people and residents who have their family member’s body in the morgue to urgently make arrangements to repatriate the body.

The reason for the urgent closure of the morgue is not stated in the letter but PNG Loop understands that it might arise due to planning for maintenance on the building, or the freezer problem.