Mass Looting

Brian Bell clears rumors of individual donations

This is following false reports being circulated regarding the donation of items to individuals at the Gerehu warehouse site. The company clarifies that such information is untrue.

The group says a structured process for future donations will be implemented, and visitors are advised to follow the designated procedure.

Brian Bell also advised that its warehouse is now closed. This closure follows the unfortunate events that unfolded on Wednesday, January 10th, when the warehouse suffered extensive damage due to a deliberately started fire.

PMGH Offers Support for Victims of Sexual Assault

Individuals who have experienced sexual assault are encouraged to present themselves at Ward 9 or the Family Support Centre within the hospital.

A dedicated team of doctors and social workers are available 24/7 to extend care, encompassing treatment for sexually transmitted infections.

Time sensitivity is emphasized, as presenting within the initial days post-incident ensures the highest effectiveness of interventions, addressing not only infections but also preventing HIV transmission and unwanted pregnancy.

No sale of returned items

Brian Bell Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Cameron Mackellar confirms this. He says the Group has full inventory knowledge of what was in their warehouse prior to it being stolen and then burnt to the ground.

“Those responsible we hope are being pursued by the police, there is so much footage available on social media showing hundreds of people stealing all of the product,” Mackellar said.

The CEO clarifies that although stolen products have been returned or retrieved by police and others out of guilt. None of it will go on the shelves of their stores.

IPA Records Office destroyed

A fire truck was on site and managed to contain the fire from spreading completely burning all the files. They were able to save the files which were stored in the compact shelves.

IPA managing director, Clarence Hoot has assured the business community and Government that the IPA’s entity records are safely stored on cloud, and files kept in the warehouses were hard copies of business information that are currently available on its online registry system.

IPA condemns attacks on business houses

The looting and damages of businesses was carried out by the public, whilst taking advantage of the stand down by the PNG disciplined forces wanting answers from the government over their salary discrepancies.

IPA managing director, Clarence Hoot and the Board were concerned about the incident saying such actions painted a bad picture on the IPA’s effort to promote PNG as a preferred investment destination.

Return all stolen properties

Gerehu residents in possession of stolen properties were given 24 hours as of Saturday 13th January, to return all stolen items voluntarily.

The recovery effort by the police and PNG Defence Force started, Gerehu residents given the day to return all items believed to be looted from the Brian Bell warehouse a Gerehu stage 6 on Wednesday.