Port Moresby General Hospital

Villager mortally wounded in retaliation

The attack, carried out by men from Southern Highlands Province, was in revenge for the killing of their wantok during the weekend.

NCD metropolitan superintendent, Ben Turi, told Loop PNG that the deceased was a Don Bosco student who hailed from Ialibu.

According to villagers, on Friday, the deceased, along with his friends from a nearby settlement, intruded on an incident involving local boys.

This eventually led to a fight between the settlers and Motu-Koitabuans, resulting in the student’s death.

​Bongre returns home

He was diagnosed with Stage 4b retinoblastoma.

He flew back at 3pm yesterday afternoon, with parents Sinta and Anton Peter, where he was met by Simbu Children’s foundation president, Jimmy Drekore.

SCF will be offering palliative care to Bongre.

This is the first SCF and also the first palliative care implemented in the country.

“Palliative care is more like welfare care,” said Michael Williams, SCF volunteer.

​PMGH receives K110,000

The Association this morning presented a cheque to CEO Dr. Umesh Gupta, while a further K30,000 has been donated to the Sir Buri Kidu Heart Institution.

Gupta thanked the MAPNG for the support offered specifically to PMGH as this will assist in the improvements and changes in running and maintaining the hospital.

He said the money donated will be utilised on the hospital’s main current priority, which is to relocate the TB clinic from inside the hospital to the outside.

Family Support Centre opens new building

This was an initiative of the Australian Government working in partnership with the Government of Papua New Guinea.

The Family Support Service Centre will enable more women and children to access the basic health service they need.

Officiating the opening of the new building was Port Moresby General Hospital Chief Executive Officer, Dr Umesh Gupta and Australian Counsellor for Gender and Sport, Susan Fergusson.

Overwhelming response over PNG flag designer’s condition

Susan Karike Huhume is on life support at the Ward 7/Intensive Care Unit at the Port Moresby General Hospital. (http://ow.ly/xR6j30aI95S)

Concerns were raised by the family on the lack of recognition for their mother, which prompted emotional responses from readers.

One reader even suggested for PNG citizens to take ownership and assist Susan’s family in their time of need.

Story of woman raped and six killed unconfirmed

Port Moresby General Hospital Chief of Emergency, Sam Yockopua said there hasn’t been any body or bodies brought in regarding the rumoured post on social media.

The news of the bodies would have reached the hospital by now if they were brought in but none has in the past couple of days.

The rumoured posts on social media about the killing of six men who had raped a woman and killed her along the Hiritano Highway was posted over the weekend and received a nationwide response from the general public.

Citizens will afford new MRI scanner at PMGH

“This would be a big help to the people of PNG.”

Port Moresby General Hospital chief radiologist, Dora Lenturut-Katal said this during the launch last week.

“It would be affordable and less than K500.”

“Prior to having the scanner, patients had to seek treatment from private hospitals in the country or overseas which was a costly exercise.”

Public health system gets first MRI scanner

The K4.5 million project was funded by the National Fisheries Authority.

The GE 1.5 Tesla MRI scanner is one of the most advanced MRI scanners in its class in the world.

 A MRI scanner does not use radiation unlike a computed tomography (CT) scanner and is most suitable for the brain, spine, bones, joints and muscles.

Whereas a CT scanner is more suitable for the chest, heart, lymph nodes and blood vessels.

Emergency deaths can be prevented: Senior doctor

Dr Sam Yockopua, from the PMGH Emergency Department, said the sickest or the critically injured need to be taken as soon as possible to appropriate locations for intervention.

He told Loop PNG that on Saturday, February 11, the late victim was taken to a private hospital at about 10am before being sent to the PMGH Emergency Department at 11.30am.

“She succumbed to her injuries at 3.30pm,” he said.

Govt set record with national healthcare plan

In a statement, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said more than K6 billion is invested each year to improve healthcare.

“While we still have a lot of work to do, universal healthcare is becoming a reality around Papua New Guinea,” stated the PM.

“The amount of money a person has in their pocket should not determine if they can see a doctor or receive healthcare.

“Over the past five years, working with our partners, including churches, we have expanded medical services to remote areas and rebuilt hospitals.