Morobe province

Driving Morobe’s tourism

The province, however, needs its leaders to prioritise and invest in the sector.

Nawaeb MP, Kennedy Wenge, is also the chairman of the Tourism Promotion Authority board. When asked about plans to develop Morobe’s tourism sector, the MP said locals will play a huge role in attracting visitors.

“Lo divolopim, em ol manmeri i holim i stap,” he stated. (Locals have the power to develop it.)

New inclusive classroom for Nawaeb

The school, which was established in 1964, has a new 2-in-1 building fitted with a ramp instead of stairs.

Nawaeb MP, Kenny Wenge, stressed on the need to prioritise education during the opening of Hobu Primary School’s 2-in-1 classroom, a grandstand and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene facilities.

Wenge applauded the design of the new classroom, saying those with impaired mobility can now learn in a classroom with their able-bodied peers.

Wenge highlighted that education needs to be made accessible and inclusive.

Schools Finals End Successfully

In the U14 boys finals, 4 mile Primary school defeated Igam Primary, while in the U16, Omili beat Igam.

In the Secondary schools finals, Bugandi defeated Lae Secondary. In the U18 finals, Lae secondary accounted for Busu while in the girls open, Lae Secondary outplayed Bumayong Secondary to take out the title.

However from another front, this year’s schools competition has been tagged as the year of the fullbacks with a number of standout performances throughout in the Lae Schools Rugby League Competition season 2021.

Lae Nightclubs To Close

This directive has been issued by the chairman of the Morobe Provincial Emergency Operations Committee, Bart Ipambonj.

Ipambonj, who is the Morobe Provincial Administrator, made this decision under section 9, subsection 2 of the National Pandemic Act 2020.

He said the committee will act on the advice of the Morobe Provincial Health Authority on the latest status of COVID-19 and reopen the clubs at a later date.

“Any nightclub found to be open will be locked for three months,” he stated.

K66 million AID for Bulolo Highway

He said this in Parliament yesterday, after Morobe Governor and Deputy PANGU Pati leader, Ginson Saonu, questioned why work was being delayed.

The Prime Minister assured Governor Saonu and the people of Morobe that the K66 million given by the Australian Government was intact.

PM Marape said the Bulolo Highway was badly damaged and would cost more than the K66 million, hence, government will add another K50 million to carry out the work.

Visit Gawasang Guest House

One such hotspot is the Gawasang Guest House at Bukawa.

Wara Gawasang is formed by two underground water sources that meet up and flow down to the sea.

Located at the intersection of the two fresh waters is the Gawasang Guest House in the Labuta LLG – a little over an hour’s boat ride from Lae.

Owner, George Julius, built a small haus win fitted with two hammocks and a bed in Wara Gawasang, which has a depth of over 1 metre during high tide.

Control maintained in Lae

Otherwise, police maintained command and control within the suburbs of Eriku, town and market.

Lae metropolitan superintendent, Chris Kunyanban, said despite his office not receiving any formal notice of a planned protest, they went ahead and conducted a mini operation to safeguard lives and properties in the city.

The operation started as early as 4am on Friday, the 29th of October, where police setup checkpoints at the three strategic locations of Two-Mile, Kamkumung and Chinatown.

Eriku protest held at bay

A large crowd started gathering at Eriku by 8am but were not allowed to convene at the Eriku Oval due to police presence.

Shops closed their doors while classes were suspended as the crowd size started increasing around the Eriku busstop.

A large crowd soon started marching at around 11am but were held at bay at the St Mary's Primary School gate by Lae metropolitan superintendent, Chris Kunyanban, and his team.

The crowd were armed with placards saying: "My right, my choice" and "Say no to mandatory vaccination".

St. John Officers Attacked In Lae

This is the second attack on Ambulance officers in Lae experienced within the space of two weeks.  A similar incident took place last week when a crew was attending to a case.

Police are currently investigating to resolve this issue. 

 St John Ambulance said that a group of antivax protesters along the road stopped a three-men crew of ambulance officers, after loading the female patient on board to be treated.

‘Save Etep Rural Hospital’

With the help of her Australian friend, Yanamlyn Yana has set up a fundraising page on behalf of the major rural hospital in Morobe Province.

Run by Lutheran Health Services, the Etep Rural Hospital in Morobe’s Tewai-Siassi district is on the brink of closure.

The mission run facility serves almost 100,000 catchments of the three districts of Tewai-Siassi, Kabwum and Raicoast in Madang Province.