Morobe province

Police reservists to pass out

The event is scheduled to start at 10am on Thursday, September 16th, at the Sir Ignatius Kilage Stadium.

120 school leavers from the districts of Morobe will pass out tomorrow after three months of intensive training under the inaugural Morobe Provincial Government’s police reservist intervention program.

Divided into four squads, the recruits had their final rehearsal today at the Sir Ignatius Kilage Stadium.

Wampar Junior High School launched

Members of the Morobe Provincial Education Board and the village of Gabmazung launched the Wampar Junior High School on Thursday, August 26th.

The village of Gabmazung, located a few minutes away from Gabsongkeg, came alive on Thursday with two different events; the observance of the National Repentance Day and the launching of Wampar LLG’s first-ever junior high school.

The repentance day activities were led by Lutheran women groups within the electorate while Gabmazung Lutheran Primary School facilitated the launching of their high school.

Young women dragged out of home

The intoxicated group, numbering over 10, attempted to rape the women at Papuan Compound in Lae.

It was the first time something like that happened to Cecilia Thomas and her husband, who have lived at Papuan Compound for over 4 decades.

They grew up there, got married and continued living there with their two children.

Thomas currently has three young women, in their early 20s, renting their rooms.

Concern over incomplete work

Stormwater filled with rubbish floods nearby homes while soil erosion is reducing the landmass of properties located right beside the unfinished drain.

Work on the Butibam stormwater drainage project, under a local contractor, resumed in December 2020.

The project costing was K1.5 million while the Morobe Provincial Government gave the contractor K988,000 to construct a drain connecting Bumantop to the Bumbu River.

Men and youth from the village were hired while sand and stones were sourced, free-of-charge, from a nearby area called Gravel.

New classroom for Arifiran

The opening of the classroom signifies the continuous community-based support that the National Fisheries Authority is continuing to provide to communities that are in great need.

Tom said Morobe is embarking on bigger fisheries projects and it will soon become a fisheries hub. The Wagang fisheries wharf that NFA will build will derive huge economic returns for the province and the country as a whole.

K400,000 worth of projects underway

The Morobe Provincial Government and the Menyamya District Development Authority financially backed the projects.

The funding support includes:

  1. K30,000 to Tsevi Primary School
  2. K20,000 to Tsevi Aid Post
  3. K1,000 to two elementary schools
  4. K250,000 for Kome road link
  5. K100,000 for Tsevi missing link road

Morobe Governor Saonu said the K100,000 support for the missing link road will be an annual budgeted priority if the people themselves agree to assist and work on the road.

Dagua mourns

A haus krai is set up at Forot mining settlement in Wau.

The mourners, were in black attire to signify they are grieving with the country. 

Spokesman Wayne Sia said the Sepik people living in Wau are at a loss over the death of the country’s first prime minister, and father of the nation. 

He said the Arapesh people from Dagua recognise ties with Sir Michael in PNG’s political history, through their late leader Sir Peter Simogun.

Starting from scratch

Roneka, from the Wain-Erap LLG in Morobe Province, had the opportunity to showcase her work during a recent visit by the Morobe Provincial Government.

She has always been passionate about teaching.

In 1986, Nawaeb woman, Bayang Roneka, attended a literacy training at Vunadidir in East New Britain Province where she proudly represented her province.

After the training though, Roneka said she had to put her dream on hold as she had to raise her children.

Wafi Golpu main MOU signed


Chief Esra Kwako signed on behalf of the people Babuaf while Governor Ginson Saonu represented the Provincial Government.

The MOU includes a clause for the parties not to agree for the developer to construct and build the necessary infrastructure for a deep sea tailing placement as currently proposed, to insist on finding a safer alternative, like a terrestrial tailings dam.

Dinghies presented to ELCPNG circuits

The brief presentation was made by Morobe Governor Ginson Saonu in the presence of the three respective circuit presidents of Kote District, Jaka Circuit and Bunanue Parish of Malalo Circuit of Morobe.

Upon presentation of the three 75 horse-power outboard motors at Voco Point on Saturday, May 9th, Governor Saonu emphasised the need for people to feel the presence of the government right at their doorstep, especially in the rural areas where transportation is vital for progress.