Morobe province

Women empowered through poultry training

This initiative is part of the USAID Women’s Global Development Prosperity (WGDP) Initiative, aiming to create equal opportunities for women in the workforce, business development, and entrepreneurship.

Morobe Province becomes the second region, after Madang, to implement a poultry rollout program, benefiting 11 women groups and over 400 individual women farmers and their households. USAID LGP, in collaboration with DOERS Agro Services, conducted a comprehensive three-day training from October 23 to 27, focusing on poultry (broiler) farming.

Morobe’s champion bull

He believes we have the potential, as he himself has 10 cattle heads that were bred through artificial insemination on his Muamu Farm in the Huon Gulf district of Morobe Province.

Vanchum is a regular at the Morobe Show.

He won the ‘champion bull’ award last year, and managed to defend his title this year through his four-and-a-half-year-old Brahman bull, Bamsy.

“Wok blo mi, taim mi stap lo ples, em mi wok lo intrest olgeta lo bulmakau, lo lukautim,” he stated. (I am passionate about cattle farming.)

‘Nogat Marasin Campaign’ gets support

The ‘Nogat Marasin Campaign’, initiated by concerned Lae residents, presented a petition to Morobe Governor, Luther Wenge, last Monday (November 6th).

Despite promising the group that he will raise the issue in the 2nd Provincial Governors’ Conference on November 7th and 8th, he did not keep his word hence members of the campaign are planning on attending the Provincial Executive Council meeting tomorrow (November 14th), to hold the governor and PEC members accountable.

Speedway road to be upgraded

He visited the road on Wednesday, November 8th, with the Nawaeb District Technical Team, Ahi LLG President, Malcom Kalo and community representatives, Rosemary Wawou and landowner Ngalau Agi.

He assured the Ward 14 Community at Ahi Urban that the road upgrade will begin immediately; from Sigarap Market to Kunai Junction (1,450m).

An estimated 5,000-plus people from all over Papua New Guinea reside in the area, according to the local law and order committee.

Pelgen said funding allocation will be done to allow work to begin immediately.

Tackling school fights

While many call for tougher penalties to be implemented in schools, Duaro Embi is addressing this cycle of violence by equipping teachers through the school counsellors’ program.

He believes that helping students realise their mistakes and the repercussions of their decisions is the best approach and will mould them into becoming better citizens in future.

Embi is the non-formal school coordinator of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Morobe Province.

Call for liquor ban in Bulolo

According to Member for Bulolo Sam Basil Jnr, he said there is an increase in incidents that are alcohol-related.

“Alcohol tends to ignite tensions and Bulolo caters for people travelling to Lae from Wau Waria and Menyamya and also from Marawaka (EHP) and Kaintiba (Gulf). We do not want to cause problems, conflicts and disturbance to business along the Bulolo Highway,” said Basil.

Basil Jnr said it is also becoming a norm for offensive weapons such as bush knives, catapults and guns and now wire catapults are carried around openly in public.

Yanga opens new church

The project is valued at K460,000, and is part of the PGK2.5 million dividend from Ahi Investment Limited to Ahi Prudential Development Limited.

“The Yanga church building, a testament to the unwavering commitment of Ahi Investment Limited to community development, is the result of a collective effort,” said the landowner company.

“The total project cost of PGK460,000 was made feasible through the combined support of Ahi Investment Limited, the Yanga Community's contribution of PGK40,000, and the exceptional craftsmanship of East Coast Contractors.”

Morobe Show days away

The show will take place on November 4th-5th at the Lae Showgrounds.

Residents in Lae have already started buying tickets, with the presold prices at K12 for children under 12 years of age and K17 for adults. Children under 2 years old are free.

For the gate price, for both Saturday and Sunday, tickets for adults are selling at K15 and children are K12.

For gold pass, adult tickets are going for K125 per head, gold pass child is K50 and gold pass family is K250. The latter includes two adults and three children under 12.

Momase Law & Order consultations

The committee met with community leaders from within Lae City's settlements, and ward counsellors from Morobe Province who aired their views on growing unemployment-related issues forcing the youth to turn to crime.

They appealed to committee members to enforce tougher laws on offenders, and furthermore, suggested they get the youth involved in agricultural activities.

The public consultations were prompted by the growing law and order issues in the country.

Bugandi retail site reopened

This achievement marks the third refurbished Puma retail site in Lae City this year, following the Eriku and Coronation service stations.

The Bugandi Retail site's transformation underscores Puma Energy's unwavering dedication to bringing world-class retail standards to Papua New Guinea.

General Manager of Puma Energy Papua New Guinea, Daniel Duffau, expressed their commitment to delivering high-quality products and services to their valued customers, emphasizing the importance of safety at all their sites.