Kalibobo lighthouse

Kalibobo lights up for Christmas

Ward 2 council and Deputy Town Mayor Sammy Tindipu has brought again the Christmas spirit into town, lighting up the Kalibobo lighthouse for families to share the Christmas spirit.

Tindipu initiated the Christmas lights five years ago after winning the Ward 2 council elections in 2019.

In five years, he has been sourcing sponsorship and support from business houses, the provincial government and ward funding to sustain this initiative.

Floating corpse found near lighthouse

Police alleged that the dead man went missing this morning after leaving his house at the Anglican Church in town.

Madang town Police Station Commander Senior Sergeant Steven Etna said they’ve identified the man by his first name only; William from Simbai in Madang's Middle Ramu District. 

Etna added that the body was found by a fisherman who was out catching fish this morning. The fisherman reported to police was he’d seen.

Restoration work carried out on Kalibobo lighthouse

The restoration work which commenced in early March this year is sanctioned and funded by the government through the National Maritime Safety Authority (NMSA).

Currently, workers of a contracting company engaged by NMSA have set up scaffoldings and are repainting the structure located on the tip of Godawan point。

Kalibobo lighthouse is one the landmark monuments which is already a traditional symbol of Madang province。 The lighthouse appears in Madang‘s provincial flag and also on the provincial government’s official document as symbol of the province