Get into the spirit of Christmas

Christmas has arrived in the City of Port Moresby, the event that kicks off the holiday season locally, and people celebrate openly with families, friends and loved ones.

There are nothing like the sparkle of colorful Christmas lights at this time of the year to give the city streets an instant festive fever.

Once again, Jack Pidik Park in Port Moresby is ready to glow with the artificial Christmas trees that are now set up for the December evening entertainments.

Lions share with Christmas spirit

The club members and their families visited the children’s ward, Haus Clare, St Mary’s Catholic Church and Angau Hospital.

They met and donated small gifts to the children at the children’s ward, the orphans at Haus Clare and the street kids associated with the church.

LLC is affiliated to Lions International organisation that usually do visits during Easter, Independence Day and on Christmas.

Club member Barbara Kalenda said it was rewarding to see the smile on everyone’s faces when they received their gifts.

Kimbe record 12 Christmas babies

The Labour Ward recorded 12 births with seven female and five  male babies born.

The heaviest baby weighed 3.78kg. Mothers and babies are well with some being discharged today.

Present this morning were hardworking staff of the post natal and Labour Ward; Sr. Palos, Sr. Penjap, midwives Sr. Ariki and Sr. Karaut with HEO Betty Buru.


PMV commuters stranded in Lae

Eriku's Highlands bus-stop in Lae had families and city workers stranded on Christmas eve as early as 2pm for the "Tulait-Tulait" night ride.

Buses started leaving early during the day with no more Mt Hagen-bound PMVs visible at the bus-stop when PNG Loop visited there at 3pm  yesterday.

Israeli-Palestinian violence clouds Christmas in Bethlehem

The fighting cast a pall over the celebrations. Crowds were thin and hotel rooms were empty. While the annual festivities in Bethlehem's Manger Square went on, other celebrations in the city were canceled or toned down.

"There's lights, there's carols, but there's an underlying sense of tension," said Paul Haines of Cornwall, England, who arrived in Bethlehem following a four-month trek from Rome.

Bethlehem has been a focal point for clashes between Israeli troops and Palestinian protesters during a three-month wave of violence that has gripped the region.


Pope contrasts Jesus' birth, excess in Christmas Eve homily

Christians around the world joyfully prepared to recall the birth of Jesus. But in his only public Christmas Mass, in the splendor of St. Peter's Basilica, the pope counter-weighted his joy with a lament for people's excesses and what he described as a "culture of indifference, which not infrequently turns ruthless."

Francis said Jesus "calls us to act soberly, in other words, in a way that is simple, balanced, consistent, capable of seeing and doing what is essential."

Christmastime tornadoes ravage South; at least 11 killed

It killed at least 11 people and damaged or destroyed dozens of homes.

"Santa brought us a good one, didn't he?" Bobby Watkins said as he and his wife took a walk amid the destruction in rural Benton County, Mississippi, where four people — including a married couple and two neighbors on the same street — were confirmed dead and their homes destroyed. "I may have lost some stuff, but I got my life."

NCD shops race with shoppers in mad rush

Stop N Shop Rainbow is one of the shops that has been fill by people in the remaining hours before Christmas.

Loop PNG visited the shop this afternoon to get a glimpse of what is happening.

Parents and children rushing to buy goods for their loved ones.

The shop is the only store apart from other supermarkets the people favour most in the Gerehu suburb regardless of the cost or quality counts.

Hunters take break from pre-season training

Hunters ended four weeks of pre-season training and will be off for two weeks festive holiday.

They will return to camp in Port Moresby in the first week of January to continue their pre-season training leading up to the start of the 2016 Queensland Intrust Cup season.

Before they left, the players spent Saturday morning helping to feed hundreds of street kids in Port Moresby at the Street kids Christmas Feast event as part of their community initiative.

Businesses turn on treat for needy kids

The feast of food and sweets included roasted chicken, hot dogs, bread and items like twisties, cakes, lollies and drinks.

The feast was organised by the Royal Papua Yacht Club and the National Gaming and Control Board and supported by business houses in the city to the  tune of K60,000 in cash and kind.

The Prime Minister Peter Neill Foundation also chipped in K10,000 towards the feast.

Before the meal, the kids had fun together playing ball games and dance competitions that kept them busy.