What to give yourself this Xmas…

What should be the best gift you can give yourself this Christmas?

A one week movie-marathon at the cinema? A tattoo? Holiday get-away? Well ok, maybe that handbag that keeps saying “hi” every time you pass the shop; not literally though.  

Whatever your crazy list is, have you even considered your health? Some have.  

To be in shape for the festive season, Tru Warrior initiated a challenge to get “Ripped for Christmas”, attracting many. 

This challenge, aimed at getting real results, runs from November 7 to December 17, where clients will undergo an intense 6 Week Warrior Conditioning Program. 

The plan will push one both mentally and physically. 

One will expect: 

Improved cardiovascular conditioning 
Improved muscular Endurance  
Improved mental and physical strength 
Improved Flexibility and Mobility  
Improved Body Compositions 

Tru Warrior says this program requires commitment, discipline and eagerness to learn. 

Despite the days counting down to the end of the challenge, Tala Kami says registrations are still open, except that the late comers will not experience the same results as the others. 

But not to worry, Tru Warrior is working on a plan for the month of January.  

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Gloria Bauai