Christmas food on my mind!

It’s been another tiring year!

If you’ve already planned your Christmas celebrations or you’re on it just now; either way, one won’t blame you.  

Whatever your plan may be at this point, I’m sure food is not far away.  

Yes, every celebration calls for that special recipe you’ve had tucked away. 

Oh, but what if you want to try something different this time; something that can cater for all the extended relatives.  

Here’s one simple recipe to try out, provided by our very own Zenag: 

Zenag Chicken Kai Pot Combo Casserole 



·                       KAI POT COMBO TRAY 900g (Soup, Neck, Giblet, Livers, Heart pieces) 

Veggies & Greens: 

·                       4 cups mixed green vegetables (tapioca, yam, banana, pumpkin, kaukau & onions) 

Flavour & Seasoning: 

·                       ¼ cup canola oil for browning 

·                       ¼ cup flour, 2 tbsp curry powder, salt & pepper to taste 


·                       Pour oil into frying pan and preheat. 

·                       In wide, shallow bowl, combine Curry powder and flour. 

·                       Salt and season flour / curry mixture with Zenag Chicken Combo Pack – lightly cook until golden brown. 

·                       Remove from frying pan and put aside in separate dish. Add all vegetables peeled, washed and chopped to frying pan. Cover with coconut cream. 

·                       Add salt and pepper to taste, and seasoning to taste. 

·                       Cover and cook slowly until vegetables are tender, for about half an hour. 

·                       Serve alone or with rice / noodles. 

Cooking Time: 30 minutes 

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