Long queues for crazy Christmas specials

Goods like rice, bread, lamb flaps, cartons of soft drinks and ham are selling fast at the shops, with just two days left before Christmas.

Loop PNG visited RH Hypermart, Stop N Shop, Brian Bell and TST Supermarket and witnessed a flood of shoppers in long queues at counters.

Almost all food stuff are on specials as well as white goods, toys and Christmas decorations.

Loop PNG witnessed 100 bags of 10kg rice get sold out within a minute!

The customers had to wait in line to collect the rice bags straight from the container at the back of the shop.

Residents’ mad rush two days before Christmas

Even the PMVs were packed with passengers traveling to their villages along the Magi and Hiritano highways.

Loop PNG caught up with shoppers rushing to make it home on time for Christmas.

People were seen buying food stuff and presents to share with family, friends and loved ones.

Shops like RH Hypermarket, Stop N Shop and TST Supermarket have all seen an increase in customers this week.

For this week alone, they have had 3000 to 7000 customers every day.

The shops will operate during Christmas and Boxing Day.

Churches congratulate Govt, organisations for successful year

PNGCC, on behalf of Christians nationwide, congratulated Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and the Members of Parliament for having carefully navigated the nation through uncharted waters this year.

The Council also thanked all business houses and private sector for successfully ending another year of providing services to the people of PNG.

General Secretary of the PNGCC, Rev. Roger Joseph, thanked all churches, faith based organisations and NGOs for being there for the people.

9 ways to escape Christmas

Christmas can be a nightmare.

Logic dictates that putting these two negatives together should make a positive.

And so it proves.

Plan wisely, packing your bags while everyone else is stuffing their stockings, and you can steer clear of the orgy of soulless materialism that some say Christmas has become.

Just don't expect to get any presents.

Or be surprised when your traveling companion introduces himself as "Mr. Scrooge."

1. Go to Zealand


Spend Christmas with family, encourages Council

On behalf of the Churches throughout PNG, General Secretary of the PNGCC, Rev. Roger Joseph, extends season greetings of peace and good tidings in the Lord to everyone.

Rev. Joseph said Christmas is about humility because it is a time to make a humble decision to retire from normal activities and be with the family.

“We are encouraged by Christmas to return home for family reunions, reconciliations and peace building before we face the challenges of 2017,” he said.

“Christmas is a time to return to our place of origin where our identities are deeply rooted.

'Tis the season to feel stressed

There are five more sleeps until Christmas Day, and for many people there's still a lot of preparation to get done.

Experts say often Christmas stress is self-created as people try to make the day perfect, or set unrealistic standards for themselves.

Federation of Family Budgeting Services chief executive Raewyn Fox said stress mounted in the week before Christmas as people bought last-minute items that were often more expensive than planned.

Points to help you travel PNG without being stressed out

If you’re a frequent visitor to the home of the metal bird, you’d know the tricks to have a hassle free trip.

For first timers and to refresh your mind, Loop PNG lifestyle has put together a few reminders to help make this travel easy for you.

Here are a few points to keep in mind when heading to Jacksons Airport or any other local airports:

PNG celebrates the Christmas spirit

This calendar helps those, especially in the mainline churches to plan and carry their yearly programs of service to their followers.

At the end of the year the Christian calendar has a clear program for its Christmas program – The season of Advent – or it is a time to get ready or be prepared to meet the coming of Jesus Christ. His birth from Mother Mary and Joseph in Bethlehem.

If Santa could give you something this Christmas...

Loop PNG lifestyle asked random people what they would want for this Christmas.

The responses, if not very specific, varied:

There are those who are focused on technology and know exactly what they want:

DJI Phantom 3 Standard Quardcopter Drone With 2.7 HD Video Camera, DSLR camera, 5D cannon, i-Phone 6, Apple Mac, Canon D3500 and S7 (for my husband).

Cakes, cakes and more cakes!

Yes, it’s the time of the year you get to spoil your child, apart from their birthday.

Before you think of running to some fancy bakery and spending so much, we’ve got one just for you.

Adriana Loretta Sowei!

For one, she has set side her holiday trip to bake and secondly, she’s 20 years old which means she knows just the theme that would get your child excited.

Loop PNG lifestyle had a chat with Adriana, the second in her family of six.