Madang Province

Madang Starts Polling On Monday

He said the polling date released by the Electoral Commission is final.

Electoral Commissioner, Simon Sinai when speaking on NBC Talkback Show confirmed that polling for Madang starts on Monday.

Mr Navi confirmed the polling date after a number of concerns regarding the polling dates and locations.

One dead and several injured in accident

Madang Provincial Police Commander Acting Superintendent Mazuc Rubiang said the deceased’s particulars are yet to be confirmed, as well as that of the injured passengers, who were taken to Modilon hospital by ambulance.

PPC Rubiang added that in less than a month, more than five vehicle accidents were reported to have occurred along this section of the highway. Three deaths were reported from these five accidents.

Public Servants continue strike

The strike began on Monday June 6, 2022 after workers learnt Lau had been appointed to lead them. They also questioned the Lau’s qualification and requested that the Department of Personnel Management meet with them physically to explain the process and criteria used.

Friday’s phone conversation with Secretary Taies Sansan, and the threat of disciplinary action against those who refuse to return to work, has had no impact.

Man killed In Campaign House

Madang Provincial Police Commander, acting Superintend Mazuc Rubiang said the killing took place last Friday, June 10 at 2am. The deceased was identified as John Wauri of Kuriguma village in Transgogol.

According to police reports, the man was at the campaign house when the suspect came from behind and slashed his neck; he fell and died instantly.

The body was left at the campaign house when the police arrived and took the body to the Modilon hospital morgue.

MP Died Of Acute Kidney Injury

Madang Provincial Health Authority Chief Executive Officer, Fedilish Waipma in a press conference yesterday doctors Dr. Jude Gawi told the media that late Nangoi was admitted at Modilon hospital and was treated with shortness of breath.

He said according to doctors findings after being treated and under their care for three days, they discovered he had septic shock with metabolic Acidosis leading to him having kidney injury and multi-organ failure that led to his death.

Quiet Start For Madang Nominations

Among those who nominated yesterday was a female candidate, contesting for Rai Coast Open Seat, Kessy Sawang. She is contesting under the People`s First Party banner.

More candidates for Madang regional, Middle Ramu and Raicoast turned up at the Bates Oval today to sign their nomination forms provided by the electoral officers.

The other locations in the province set for nominations were, Bogia station for the Bogia Open candidates, Walium station for the Usino Bundi candidates and Sumgulbar LLG office for the Sumkar Open candidates.

Incomplete Building Demolished

The structure was built using funds allocated by the government, however it was not completed and stood idle. It became an eyesore in the middle of Walium station. 

The brick structure was demolished within minutes by an excavator before the official opening of a brand new Usino-Bundi district government complex worth K2 million.
The new administration at Walium would be called UBG Haus which is the initial for the three local level governments in the district; i.e Usino, Bundi and Gama.

Saidor High School Suspends Classes

Following this, a school ancillary staff was attacked by a drunken youth who entered the school premises.

School Deputy Principal Alfred Gem said while the police and the school administration were still investigating the break and enter incident, their staff member was beaten up by the drunkard over issues relating to money. Students tried to retaliate, but the drunk was escorted out of the school area. Mr Gen said the intoxicated youth was later taken down to the police station.

Robberies On The Rise In Madang

Police stated that more than five robberies are being reported every week and this is not good.

Madang Provincial Police Commander Acting Superintendent Mazuc Rubiang said there are specific crime hot spots in sections of the roads, from the junction towards the airport and Sagalau Primary School along the North Coast Road. He also added that the section of the road towards the South Coast from Balasigo to Naru, is becoming a hotspot area. Passengers traveling on PMV buses are being robbed.

Shops Closure Affects Madang People

Trade storeowners who travelled as far as Bogia and Simbai were left in confusion when they arrived at Madang town yesterday only to find out that all the shops were closed.

The only shops that were open we Papindo' Anderson's Supermarket and Yogo Trading. The shops were packed with people who did their shopping from that shops due to the murder of a Chinese businessman.