48th Papua New Guinea Independence

Manus villages establish new trading partners

Ahus islanders in the Lelemadih and Bupichupeu Rural Local Level Government (LLG) and N’drehet villages in Pomutu, Kurti and Andra Rural LLG exchanged gifts like axes, bush knives, food (rice, smoked fish, sago) and canoes.

Ahus Islanders traded axes, bush knives, rice and smoked fish to N’drehet villagers and N’drehet villagers gave sago and 56 canoes to the Ahus Islanders in return.

A bigger plan for Bangapela

The Bangapela Independence Sports Tournament kicked off on Sunday 17th September. It will continue into the next week. The event, initially planned for a week, was extended because a massive 27 soccer teams are participating.  

The games are being hosted by the Biyang Sports Association. Club representative, Justin Asi, has a bigger plan in store. He said they would like to host bigger sports event and are confident they can secure external sponsors to support their plans.

Independence brings renewed dedication

This is for the country’s advancement, whilst embracing inclusivity, transparency and diversity in the workplace to drive the digital transformation agenda.

The Independence event was organized by the Department's internal Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) division and included devotionals and inspiring speeches by executives and senior consultants.

DICT Deputy Secretary, Russell Woruba, highlighted the need for dedication and a reaffirming of public service as he recalled his visit to the late Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare just a year of his passing.

Double celebrations in ENB

The other two LLGs are Toma in the Gazelle District and Kombiu in Rabaul District.

The programs were held in four locations to cater for the scattered communities within Sinivit LLG and the neighbouring wards in the two other LLGs.

The celebrations began on Friday, September 15 – a declared Public Holiday by the national government – and concluded today (Tuesday), to observe the 29th anniversary of the volcanic eruptions that destroyed the former provincial capital in Rabaul town in 1994.

Celebrating with Unity and Hope

The celebrations commenced with a dazzling parade featuring floats and marches by joint police and Correctional Service officers. Local schools also enthusiastically participated in the march pass, showcasing their patriotism. The parade started at the police station and culminated at the picturesque Bernard Memorial Park, where the main event unfolded.

Governor Sasindran Muthuvel received a general salute and inspected the joint Police and Correctional Service parade. His address to the people resonated with hope and aspiration for the province's future.

Central Independence Ops Successful

The Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary reported that independence police operation in Central Province ended on a high note with no major incidents.

Central Provincial Police Commander Chief Inspector Laimo Asi confirmed from situation reports provided to him, that all was quiet during the long weekend.

Operations started on the 14th of September, ensuring that schools and villages conducted their own independence activities without disturbance.

North Fly celebrations quiet

Kiunga town celebrated PNG’s 48th Independence over the weekend with no disturbances and no incidents at the Kiunga main oval.

It was an unforgettable turn-out as communities, businesses, and visitors were brought together in the heart of Kiunga.

The day commenced with the solemn flag-raising ceremony however it was the evening that truly lit up Kiunga as thousands of residents and visitors flocked to the Kiunga main oval to partake in the festivities.

Funds distributed to Nawaeb wards

Nawaeb MP, Theo Pelgen, said a total of K130,000 was distributed to all 47 wards in Wain-Erap, Nabak, Labuta and Ahi Urban.

“These funds were distributed to all celebrations happening from Friday and Saturday and are under discretionary as social support for the district activities,” he explained.

“We encourage the community as a whole to discuss on the usage of funds, for assistance to the school, church or any other required infrastructure within their ward.”

Cairns join in on Independence fever

The local Papua New Guinean community gathered to honour their homeland's rich history, culture and heritage.

People flocked to the park, eager to experience a slice of Papua New Guinea.

The atmosphere at Fogarty Park was a tantalizing aroma of traditional food like Pariwa, creamy coconut chicken, and various fish dishes.

Colourful and vibrant stalls showcased an array of meri blouses, bilums, and exquisite artwork.

Teams brave arduous terrains to play

Aron Kojono, upon hearing that Digicel will be sponsoring the Bangapela Independence Games, put together a soccer and basketball team from his village of Mungum, in Angoram, to participate.

With the assistance from members of the village community, the team set out to Lower Ramu.