Double celebrations in ENB

Sinivit LLG in Pomio District, East New Britain Province, joined hands with two other rural sister LLGs to host the country’s 48th Independence celebrations.

The other two LLGs are Toma in the Gazelle District and Kombiu in Rabaul District.

The programs were held in four locations to cater for the scattered communities within Sinivit LLG and the neighbouring wards in the two other LLGs.

The celebrations began on Friday, September 15 – a declared Public Holiday by the national government – and concluded today (Tuesday), to observe the 29th anniversary of the volcanic eruptions that destroyed the former provincial capital in Rabaul town in 1994.

Acting Sinivit LLG manager, Pennie Maroro Junior, said the four locations included three satellite host wards and the main venue at the Warangoi Properties yard at Sawmill in Laup ward.

“We had school-oriented activities and speeches at Sawmill on Friday, while other host wards also kicked off their programs on Friday and concluded on Saturday, Independence Day. We had to have a program for students to educate them on the importance of Independence.”

He said Kombiu LLG took the lead in the anniversary program for the volcanic eruptions.

“The satellite host wards were at Rieit, which catered for the Inland Baining wards, and Mungou station and Tol-Masarau for the wards along the south coast corridor. We had similar programs where schools from Early Childhood Learning to primary level were involved in activities such as a march pass, flag raising, games and speeches on Friday, with follow up programs on Saturday.”

The Sinivit LLG administration participated in its two-day program while a committee, comprised of business houses and community elders, was put in place to oversee the extended program that concluded today.


(The Pomio Tree Dance, being performed by the Mamusi Tribe of Pomio district – Picture: Gosiagu Media) 

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