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Maru to seek release of K5.6mil funding

Ambassador Abal says this commitment must be made by releasing funding making sure PNG has its pavilion and participates actively at the 2025 Osaka World Expo in Japan.

“This Expo is Japan’s premier event that will expose them to the world and they are very keen that all their traditional partners and special friends like PNG support them in this Expo. Japan is a major export market for our LNG; the trade between PNG and Japan is in our favor; Japan has supported us in times of disaster.

PNG and NZ Strengthen Bilateral Bond

In a statement released by the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Justin Tkatchenko emphasized the deep-rooted cultural bonds and traditions shared between the two nations over the past 48 years.

He commended New Zealand's ongoing support across various sectors, including agriculture, rural electrification, trade, development, and educational initiatives such as scholarships and Foreign Service training.

PNG, SI Pledge to Strengthen Diplomatic Ties

In a press release issued by PNG's Foreign Affairs Minister, Justin Tkatchenko, it was highlighted that both nations are poised to accelerate the signing of crucial agreements aimed at bolstering cooperation.

Solomon Islands High Commissioner William Soaki, during his official visit, extended congratulations to Minister Tkatchenko and expressed eagerness to continue the positive trajectory of bilateral relations.

PNG will not jeopardize traditional relations

Minister Tkatchenko’s statement follows recent concerns about a ‘Security Deal’ supposedly struck between China and Papua New Guinea.

Tkatchenko stressed that China remains one of Papua New Guinea’s biggest economic and trade partner and that Papua New Guinea will continue to work in partnership with China in that space.

Minister Tkatchenko maintains that Papua New Guinea has always respected the ‘One China Policy’ since 1975, and will continue to do so. 

"We have a long-standing and genuine relationship with China, where we can agree to disagree." 

Sir Ano stresses need for strong government structures

Sir Ano held a crucial meeting on Friday 26 January 2024, with Acting Secretary for the Department of National Planning and Monitoring, Koney Samuel, and deputy secretaries Michael Kumung (Policy and Planning Wing) and Roger Kara (Programming and Monitoring Wing). 

During the meeting, Acting Secretary Samuel also briefed Sir Ano on the mandate and functions of various wings and divisions in the department. 

PNG joins coalition

Minister for International Trade and Investment, Richard Maru, while participating at the 54th annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland, also attended the Coalition of Trade Ministers meeting on Trade, Climate Change and Finance on Wednesday, 17 January 2024, and formally announced membership to this grouping as the 60th member.

The Coalition was launched in January 2023.

Strengthening Wisconsin-PNG State Partnership 2023

This collaboration focused on security support and disaster response, marked a significant milestone in the growing relationship between the two nations.

Throughout 2023, the Wisconsin National Guard engaged in a range of initiatives, including military mobility, information exchanges, and military-to-military engagements in both Wisconsin and Papua New Guinea.

High Commissioner Tameo sets to strengthen NZ relations

High Commissioner Tameo said, “New Zealand is an important development partner. They are contributing in a lot of ways to the development of our country in areas such as education, agriculture, infrastructure, energy, defense and security, and of course they are involved in a lot of activities in Bougainville.”

Strong copper production forecast for PNG

This is forecast for a period of more than 30 years.

Mining Minister, Sir Ano Pala, painted this picture when making his presentation at the 17th PNG Resources and Energy Investment Conference in Sydney, on Tuesday, December 12th.

These mega projects, located in Morobe and Sepik provinces, will take five to seven years for construction.

“And hopefully, by 2030, these projects may become operating mines in addition to Ok Tedi, and possibly Kainantu,” Minister Pala said.

Newmont makes commitment to PNG

Palmer was speaking in Sydney, Australia, at the 17th PNG Resources and Energy Investment Conference.

“We view the mineral-rich nation of Papua New Guinea as an attractive investment destination and we are here to stay for the long term. Ours is a multi-decade, multi-generational commitment.”

He told the over 800 delegates that as Newmont works towards its future in PNG, there are five immediate priorities the company is committed to.

These are: