Sakias Tameo

High Commissioner Tameo sets to strengthen NZ relations

High Commissioner Tameo said, “New Zealand is an important development partner. They are contributing in a lot of ways to the development of our country in areas such as education, agriculture, infrastructure, energy, defense and security, and of course they are involved in a lot of activities in Bougainville.”

Embrace PNG, Australia: Envoy

And the Australian private sector can play a role in achieving this.

Tameo said this at the 2018 PNG Investment Conference in Brisbane.

The Acting High Commissioner said Australia was fast becoming a success hub with many flocking to the country, hence it was only right given the strong relationship between both countries.

“Australia is becoming the land of milk and honey for the international community and the world. And everybody hedging to Australia to take advantage of this opportunity and live better lives here,” said Tameo.