High Commissioner Tameo sets to strengthen NZ relations

Papua New Guinea’s recently commissioned representative to New Zealand, Sakias Tameo has plans to be proactive and undertake certain initiatives that will deepen and elevate Papua New Guinea’s relations with New Zealand during his term.

High Commissioner Tameo said, “New Zealand is an important development partner. They are contributing in a lot of ways to the development of our country in areas such as education, agriculture, infrastructure, energy, defense and security, and of course they are involved in a lot of activities in Bougainville.”

At his commissioning together with three consul generals that will be based in Australia, Tameo highlighted that New Zealand contributes about K250 million (112 million dollars) in aid programs to PNG. Their investment of about K1 billion (816 million dollars), outdoes Papua New Guinea’s export to New Zealand, at K481 million (207 million dollars). Whilst New Zealand’s exports to PNG is K386 million (166 million dollars).

Tameo further stated, “Under its (NZ) labor mobility program we (PNG) have about fifty Papua New Guineans participating, when there's thousands of Vanuatuans, Samoans, and Tongans.”

The high commissioner says he will work very hard to increase those numbers.

He added, “Of course New Zealand is very well known for its efficient public service; better foreign service  which we are benefitting, better run universities, better run hospitals, better run service delivery systems. I think New Zealand can share that experience and knowledge and best practices and utilize that expertise for the development of Papua New Guinea.”

Tameo says he and his counterpart consul generals have consulted with the department of foreign affairs, colleagues, various state divisions and branches, whilst also reaching out to other agencies to collaborate in order to embark on the programs that will propel PNG and pursue the country’s national interest with New Zealand.

“We are very fired up, we have waited long and we are ready to go.

“I'd like to pledge our commitment to the government that we will do our very best in our respective roles, to deliver to the people of our beloved country.” 

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