East Sepik

32 arrested over murder and arson

East Sepik Provincial Police Commander Albert Beli said the 32 who were arrested are from Moim and Kambaramba villages. PPC Beli said the suspects are in police custody. They were identified by police as being involved in other crimes such as rape, assault causing injuries, murder and arson.
Beli said police are patrolling the location to make sure that there no more trouble is caused by the villagers.

Firecrackers Are Noise Pollution: Police

East Sepik Provincial Police Commander, Albert Beli is concerned that the noise firecrackers make is disturbing especially at odd hours. He said even during the day when people are not ready for the shots fired, it can cause shock, especially on old people and babies.

PPC Beli made reference to a baby who was shocked and later died at the hospital during the new year celebration in Wewak in 2020. He said the continuous firing of firecrackers shocked the baby and when rushed to the hospital was pronounced dead upon arrival.  

Two Dead, Houses Burnt In Angoram

East Sepik Provincial Police Commander, Albert Beli said the matter had been reported to Angoram police and two of the suspects allegedly involved in the arson had surrendered to police and are in police custody.

He said two people were murdered in a village at Angoram allegedly by Kambaramba villagers, in retaliation the families of the deceased burnt down some houses at Kambaramba. 

Sustainable Cocoa Development

However, this potentiality mostly remained untapped or underdeveloped, mainly due to lack of sufficient investment, support and capacity, and insufficient infrastructures, leaving the region less equipped with resources to progress.

Since 2013, and due to Cocoa Pod Borer (CPB) pest infestation, the Sepik Region has experienced a decline in its cocoa production. The pest invasion has forced farmers to abandon infested cocoa blocks, which has led to the closing of most of the cocoa dry bean exporters in the region.

Man alleges police brutality led to brother’s death

The deceased older brother Damarum Karakawa alleged that late Jacob Tuo, was severely beaten by the police and denied medical care, which led to his death.

Karakawa also alleged that the deceased was denied bail, and after several attempts by his family to have him released, he was allowed to make bail on the 20th of September, 2021. However Tuo collapsed and died on the same day while traveling to his village.

Greater Sepik Economic Development Forum

The event will be held from October 25th-26th. The students are appealing to elites from Sepik including Sepik Students, Academics, Corporate Bodies, NGO’s and Members of Parliament to come together and present their views and plans for the region at the forum.

UPNG East Sepik Student Union representative, Lawrence Yalongi said East Sepik Governor, Allan Bird and West Sepik Governor, Tony Wouwou will also address the event.

Samaritans Get Help

Member for Angoram, Salio Waipo presented a cheque of K200,000 to the Samaritan Aviation in Wewak recently to support its work.

The group first started operations in 2014 in the province and have been providing much needed health care and emergency medical evacuations for villages along the Sepik River.

Dagua mourns

A haus krai is set up at Forot mining settlement in Wau.

The mourners, were in black attire to signify they are grieving with the country. 

Spokesman Wayne Sia said the Sepik people living in Wau are at a loss over the death of the country’s first prime minister, and father of the nation. 

He said the Arapesh people from Dagua recognise ties with Sir Michael in PNG’s political history, through their late leader Sir Peter Simogun.

WHO intensifies collaboration

In February 2021, cases rose steeply, with 449 cases reported in the month of February alone, bringing the total to 1,365 with 14 deaths.

The World Health Organization has intensified collaboration with the Government as mass gatherings to commemorate the country’s founding prime minister threaten to accelerate already rising cases of COVID-19.

ESP Governor disappointed

Bird said the detailed report did not contain the evidence he had requested for when Parliament sat to pass the 2-month SOE in April.

After Health Minister Jelta Wong tabled his statement yesterday (June 2), which generally outlined the government’s response to COVID-19, Governor Bird said he was disappointed that those responsible failed to comply with the constitutional directive of presenting data that truly reflects the people’s status.