ethnic clash

Manning: Leaders take ownership of your people

Mr Manning said the ethnic clash currently occurring in the city, has caused fear and anxiety among city residents, over the last three days.

Manning said, “Whilst Police is out on the streets of Port Moresby to prevent further blood-shed and keep the peace, real and lasting peace can be restored with the assistance of the leadership of both groups at the family, clan, tribal, ward, district, provincial and national levels.”

Rowdy drunks instigate fighting, market closes

A fight started on Wednesday afternoon but was stopped by Police.

However, it started up again yesterday morning and broke out onto the Highway, making the road unsafe for the travelling public.

“The fight started from men and women who turned rowdy after consuming homebrew,” reported police.

“The fighting is between people from Simbu and Southern Highlands.

“Three-Mile Police Station Commander, Senior Constable Sam Topurua, supported by Special Response Unit 102 and Rural Response Unit under the PPC Morobe, have told the people there will be no mediation.

Governor condemns ‘backward’ ethnic clash

This statement follows last week’s violent encounter at Morata’s Mosquito Street.

The week-long ethnic clash started last weekend over a land dispute between the people of Awena in Eastern Highlands and the Kumbin community of Enga Province.

Describing the fight as backward, Governor Powes Parkop is now challenging the city dwellers to embrace high quality of life and forgo ethnic clashes, which only impede development. 

Pom clash leaves 2 dead, 3 mortally wounded

The two deceased include an elderly man from the Eastern Highlands, who was stabbed in the chest at Gerehu stage one after he had tried to stop a drunken brawl between men from Eastern Highlands and another group from East Sepik. The other victim, from the Siane area, died due to wounds caused by people from the Saraga area at Six-Mile. These two groups are from Simbu Province.

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, commander Ben Turi, confirmed the deaths this afternoon, stating that these incidents occurred around the same time on Sunday afternoon.

Sialum compound becomes war zone as police move in

According to Metropolitan Superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jnr, there were reports of  causalities from this morning’s fight but has yet to confirm the number of casualties with the Police investigators at the hospital.

The two parties were already preparing a peace reconciliation of which the Sialums had already brought food stuff and cows to precede however, another unfortunate incident instigated the fight to erupt again.

Ethnic clash leaves one dead and houses burnt down in Lae

The fight had first started on Saturday night when there was a confrontation between some groups of people in the area.

All the while, a youth who began acting violently came up on a group of people playing cards and demanded they give him money. These were the same group who had attacked  him earlier for demanding money from them.

The youth went away only to converge with a group of people to start a fight.

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Damaru says to ‘fight for Papua New Guinea’

"I am a Papua New Guinean and will fight for Papua New Guinea."

Church elder slashed with bush knife over headmaster debate

Bus drivers meet at Unagi

Several leaders have spoken to the group to get them to come to a consensus with issues that they face operating at Gordon market.

Now the NCD Metropolitan police commander Ben Turi is addressing the crowd and telling them to come out with a petition.

He says that the police will help facilitate for the appropriate authorities from NCD to the transport authorities to deal with operational issues that they have.

For now, there are no buses on the road as operators are meeting to come up with a petition. 

Residents and workers hit the road… on foot

The PMV bus service is dominated by Western Highlanders, and their decision is affecting city residents.

The choice by Western Highlanders to pull their service off the road yesterday stemmed from a fight against a certain group from Hela Province.

During the confrontation, some buses had there windscreens smashed.

Police have yet to confirm the cause of the fight.

PMV buses convoy around city

Acting NCD metropolitan police commander Brian Kombe told Loop PNG that he has dispatched vehicles to round up the buses and address their grievances at the Unagi Oval.

For now, buses are lining up along the Manu bus stop as well as the Manu roundabout.

Boroko is a sight of people walking while the main Murray Barracks and Three-Mile road area is clogged up with traffic. This is because all the buses have gathered at the Murray Barracks roundabout.

For now residents are advised to exercise caution while on the road as the situation is quite tense.