Governor condemns ‘backward’ ethnic clash

The National Capital District Commission maintains zero-tolerance on ethnic clashes in the city.

This statement follows last week’s violent encounter at Morata’s Mosquito Street.

The week-long ethnic clash started last weekend over a land dispute between the people of Awena in Eastern Highlands and the Kumbin community of Enga Province.

Describing the fight as backward, Governor Powes Parkop is now challenging the city dwellers to embrace high quality of life and forgo ethnic clashes, which only impede development. 

Two lives were lost, several others injured and hospitalised while three houses and other properties were burnt to the ground.

The National Capital District Commission programs and policies such as sports, religion, Active City Development program, Settlement to Suburb upgrade program, school-fee assistance scheme and TVET, and urban youth employment are designed to promote mutual respect, unity, peace and harmony amongst city residents of cultural diversities.

Parkop condemned the act and added if settlers cannot respect each other and live in peace and harmony, then they are not fit to live together in the city.  

(National Capital District Governor, Powes Parkop)

Carolyn Ure