East Sepik Province

ESP Police strict with liquor ban

From May 12 to May 19 only hotels will be allowed to sell alcohol. The PPC added that from May 19 to July 29, there will be a complete ban on the sale of alcohol.

Beli who is also part of the Liquor Licensing board in the province said, “We (Provincial Liquor Licensing Board) are mindful of small business owners who may be affected by the ban, but it is only for a short term.”

“Anybody (outlet) who defies the restrictions or ban will be severely dealt with.

“Police will also be keeping a close eye on homebrew producers.

ESP Police ready for Election

The PPC said from police records, alcohol was one of the main cause for problems. The ban on the sales of liquor will make some difference during the election. He said he will discuss this with the provincial liquor licensing committee and other stake holders on how best they will address this before the actual dates of the ban are issued.

BSP thriving in East Sepik

East Sepik’s BSP Wewak Branch has been in operation since 1977 and while the province’ s economic activities has picked up in recent years since the establishment of the Sepik Economic Zone, so has BSP SME products offering.

Wewak Branch Manager Robert Jomino said Financial Literacy Training in the province has also picked up momentum because of agricultural development and business opportunities, but the service that is on demand in the province, is its SME Loan products.

East Sepik gets eight new police vehicles

Governor Allan Bird said the purpose of these vehicles was help the police carry out their jobs effectively throughout the province and in parts of the West Sepik as well.

Governor Bird said East Sepik has the second largest population of 800,000 and with only 170 police personnel, it is quite difficult to service the wider population given the limited resources.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Operations Donald Yamasombi thanked Governor Bird for seeing the need in resourcing police in the province, to cover more areas in the province and enforce law and order.

Programme Boosts ESP Cocoa Farmers

The program is plus and is providing support and building the capacities to rehabilitate their already existing cocoa gardens and to establish and run sustainable and competitive cocoa cultivation in the Sepik region.

Rural women and youth groups in the Wosera and Maprik districts have been provided hands-on training, input, skills and supervision.

The EU-Funded STREIT PNG Program, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) supports the program collaborating with the Foundation for Women in Agriculture Development.

ESP Procurement Committee Sworn

The swearing-in which took place on Friday 12th February in Port Moresby, is big a relief for the province moving forward with its public works, some of which have been shelved due to the stringent requirements of the provincial government.

Speaking during the swearing-in ceremony of the Provincial Procurement Committee at the National Procurement Commission head office, Governor for East Sepik, Alan Bird admitted there is K80million sitting in the provincial bank accounts allocated for public works. 

66yo man stands trial for murder

Frank Dunamb from East Sepik Province was charged and arrested for one count of wilful murder under s. 299 of the Criminal Code Act.

The defendant, residing at Five-Mile Ridge Lodge, is a former policeman and works for Black Swan.

According to court documents, on the 7th of August, 2018, the deceased, by the name of Henry Sahu, was allegedly stabbed multiple times by the defendant at the Five-Mile Ridge Lodge.

Police alleged that the deceased was in his rental room when a phone call came in and when he stepped out to answer the call, he was attacked.

K50m Boram airport upgrade

The K50,900,000 project was launched today in Wewak with the ground breaking ceremony by Prime Minister Peter O'Neill, Civil Aviation Minister Alfred Manase, and East Sepik MPs, Governor Allan Bird,  Wewak MP Kevin Isifu and Yangoru-Saussia MP Richard Maru.

The provincial head, despite being in the Opposition, was among dignitaries who welcomed the Prime Minister.

The Boram airport, which is currently 1,600 metres, will be extended by 120 metres.

ESP commits to enhance transparency

Provincial Administrator Dr Clement Malau said as the chief public servant, good governance is top of the agenda for his administration.

Since taking office in May of 2018, Dr Clement Malau made a commitment to focus on ensuring good governance and enhancing an evidence-based practice in the administration.

As the Chief Public Servant of the province, he hopes to live up to the expectations of the East Sepik people.

Road access after 18 years

The Wautogik road was opened yesterday by Yangoru-Saussia MP and National Planning and Monitoring Minister, Richard Maru, and Member for Wewak, Kevin Isifu.

People danced, cheered and celebrated the road opening.

For 18 years these villagers walked more than 4 hours to reach the main Highway to get PMVs to travel into Wewak Town or other parts of the province.