East Sepik Province

No medicines at Brigiti aid post

Ningi said shortage of basic drugs like Panadol, Amoxicillin and Malaria tables are among drugs lacking at the health centre. He said this is an ongoing issue faced by the people.

The sick are being referred to get treatment at nearby health centres or travel to Maprik town to seek medical help.  

The aid post often receive its supplies after every two months, but the medicines last for only a month, due to the high number of patients.  

Homes torched leaving 200 displaced

One person was reported dead and many more were injured after a clash at the Sir Lus High School in Maprik on November 11th, 2023.

The fight is alleged to have started from a drunkard brawl during the graduation day of the high school.

The displaced villagers are now calling on local leaders and business houses in East Sepik to support them in rebuilding their lives.

According to Ward 17 Councilor Robert Wamafi, the relatives of the deceased in the neighbouring village retaliated the next day (November 12) burning down houses and displaced villages.

ESP Boxing Association holds coaches’ workshop

The purpose of this clinic is to upskill coaches’ knowledge of the sport as well as empower boxers in their boxing careers.

The East Sepik Boxing Association will have the service of an elite boxer in the country, Junior Kauko Raka who will be officiating the program. Raka, with extensive experience in boxing under his belt, anticipates imparting boxing knowledge to the Coaches and Boxers attending the workshop.

New aid post a big help for community

This initiative is a collaborative effort by Save the Children’s Safe Children Healthy Mothers (SCHM) nutrition project, in partnership with the East Sepik Provincial Health Authority (PHA) and the local Sarkim community.

This commissioned aid post promises to have a profound impact on the health and nutrition of the approximately 1,300 residents of this remote community. Previously, they endured a grueling 2.5-hour trek to access medical services at the Wombisa or Kaukia Health Facility, leading to significant healthcare challenges.

Maprik needs leadership

In a recent press conference, Simon said the death of sitting MP Gabriel Kapris has left the people confused. The absence of leadership has also stalled some much-needed services, including inconsistent power supply.

Simon said in his last visit home, that the town’s services and even people are in disorder, public asserts are being misused, while law and order issues have somewhat increased.

Pacific Partnership continues humanitarian mission

This annual mission is one of the largest in the Indo-Pacific region.

CDA Monahan emphasised the importance of the mission, highlighting the collaboration between the U.S. and Papua New Guinea, stating, "Pacific Partnership's work, including medical care, community education, and disaster relief preparedness, exemplifies the partnership between our nations, in line with the U.S.-Papua New Guinea Defense Cooperation Agreement."

Police operation will continue: Maru

"We have a police operation that is on because of killings and lawlessness in the district. Mobile Squad 15 (MS15) where brought over from Wau-Bulolo in Morobe and they are now in the district. So far, they are doing a very good job. Crime has gone down because of their presence. I want to thank MS15 and the Police Commissioner for approving their coming. 

Maru says the Yangoru-Saussia DDA will cooperate with them and support them in every way they can to make sure the operation continues. 

STREIT info sesson in Maprik

The session aimed to provide an overview of the support available and encourage community members to submit proposals.

Ali Said Yesuf, Programme Coordinator for the EU-funded STREIT Programme in Papua New Guinea, emphasized the objective of improving livelihoods within the community. He assured participants that all reasonable proposals would be considered for support.

Dr. Pavel Burian, Deputy Programme Coordinator, elaborated on the types of assistance offered through the STREIT Innovation Fund.

ESP’s cycling movement

With 140 registered members, the youth keep themselves busy by engaging in community work and conducting awareness on trending matters such as violence and COVID-19.

Speaking at Windjammer Beach, spokesperson Jethro Ani, who hails from Dreikikir, said first and foremost, their dream is to host a bicycle workshop.

Lelang calls for emergency relief

Four people are reported dead with many homes destroyed in the magnitude 7 quake.

Mr Lelang said there must always be emergency funds available and the National Disaster and Emergency Services must be fully equipped to deploy at a moment's notice.

“This country sits on the Pacific ring of fire. It is prone to volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. 

“Large rivers and high rain fall result in flooding and land slips which has happened numerous times.

“The government must ensure NDES is able to respond in the shortest time to disasters.