Rowdy drunks instigate fighting, market closes

The Nine-Mile Market outside Lae has been closed following fighting by homebrew consumers.

A fight started on Wednesday afternoon but was stopped by Police.

However, it started up again yesterday morning and broke out onto the Highway, making the road unsafe for the travelling public.

“The fight started from men and women who turned rowdy after consuming homebrew,” reported police.

“The fighting is between people from Simbu and Southern Highlands.

“Three-Mile Police Station Commander, Senior Constable Sam Topurua, supported by Special Response Unit 102 and Rural Response Unit under the PPC Morobe, have told the people there will be no mediation.

“The market will remain closed until suspects from both sides are handed in and for the people to start minding their own business and stop taking part in other people's problems.”

The Lae metropolitan superintendent supported the action taken by Police Station Commander Three-Mile and the support units.

“I appeal to people to stop getting involved with other people's problems. They must report incidents to Police to deal with so that we avoid ethnic clashes,” said Chief Superintendent, Anthony Wagambie Jnr.

“The majority of ethnic clashes start from trivial matters which can be handled by Police.

“For Lae City, we have made it easier for people to contact Police by using the Toll Free Emergency number. There is no need for the ‘haus lain’ to get involved in certain individuals’ problems. Police can handle it.”

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