Pom clash leaves 2 dead, 3 mortally wounded

Two men have died while three have been hospitalised following a clash between ethnic groups in two different locations on Sunday, at around 6pm.

The two deceased include an elderly man from the Eastern Highlands, who was stabbed in the chest at Gerehu stage one after he had tried to stop a drunken brawl between men from Eastern Highlands and another group from East Sepik. The other victim, from the Siane area, died due to wounds caused by people from the Saraga area at Six-Mile. These two groups are from Simbu Province.

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, commander Ben Turi, confirmed the deaths this afternoon, stating that these incidents occurred around the same time on Sunday afternoon.

He said the death of the elderly Eastern Highlands man caused a retaliation from his relatives, where the person who stabbed him was hacked and is now in critical condition.

The other three men were hospitalised following the fight at Six-Mile.

He said there were different weapons used during the confrontations – even firearms, both high powered and homemade – were openly used in both incidents. Houses were also burnt during that time.

Turi says situation is very tense at the moment in both areas.

Police personnel are on high alert.

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Imelda Wavik
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