Illegal Import Syndicate Busted

According to the NCD/Central Divisional Command, the syndicate is run by a chain of Bangladeshi shops operating at Morata and Hohola in the Natiopnal Capital District.

Members of the Gordon Police and K9 units raided two shops run by the syndicate and netted several cartons of imitation corned luncheon Pork meat.

The raid was initially targeted at confiscating cartons of corned beef and soft drinks allegedly stolen from a major Bangladeshi-owned wholesaler based in the NCD.

K37.2m road opens at Morata

It was built at a cost of K37.2 million.

City Manager Bernard Kipit says the Magani Crescent road will improve the heavy flow of traffic during peak hours.

The road connects Waigani from Gerehu via the late Sir William Skate highway.

Kipit also hinted that a four-lane road will be built from Pitpit Street to the highway, making Morata an investment and development hub.

This project was made possible through a Bank South Pacific loan, while the name of the road will be changed at a later date.

Governor condemns ‘backward’ ethnic clash

This statement follows last week’s violent encounter at Morata’s Mosquito Street.

The week-long ethnic clash started last weekend over a land dispute between the people of Awena in Eastern Highlands and the Kumbin community of Enga Province.

Describing the fight as backward, Governor Powes Parkop is now challenging the city dwellers to embrace high quality of life and forgo ethnic clashes, which only impede development. 

Weeklong POM clash halted

The clash resulted in two deaths, seven critical injuries, six houses burnt down and other properties damaged.

Two vehicles, trade stores including six houses were burnt down in the process after failed mediation.

Police intervened early yesterday morning, rounding up to 100 men who were brought to the Gerehu Police Station. 

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Perou N’Dranou and his men met with both sides, where a compromise was reached between community leaders.

B-boying in the settlements

Karl Peter is his name.

While others his age go off to school or work, etc, Peter leaves his house, equipped with some killer hip hop tracks.

But he does not aim for a fancy dance studio.

For him, a group of eager boys and a big clear area is enough, even if it’s just bare ground.

He is a school leaver, like many youths in Papua New Guinea.

But instead of taking to the streets, he has pursued his passion of b-boying.

Over the last years, Peter has been teaching other young unfortunate kids the art of break dancing.

Polye to push for settlers' relocation

Polye said he will be writing to NCD governor, Powes Parkop and Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill to have an alternative plan to help resettle the displaced residents.

Polye, who visited the displaced residents at Morata said he is saddened to see citizens of this nation mistreated in the name of development.

He said any developer must resettle the settlers before developing the land.

“Basic human rights have been abused, displacing mothers and children in the name of development,”

Nothing stolen from shop: Police

Metropolitan Superintendent Ben Turi confirmed that the incident did occur but said they did not harm, rob or steal anything as police intervened quickly and the men made a run for it.

An unhappy Turi says, there were posts all over social network implying that the situation had gone out of control causing panic to some but there was no such.

“People should not post unnecessarily on facebook and scare others and that those reading shouldn’t believe everything they read or see on facebook.”

Suspects in carjacking arrested

The car was taken on Monday November  24, at the Waigani traffic lights next to the Junction night club but recovered the following morning at Saraga Street by police on patrol.

The driver, a man from Madang and his Central wife were on their way to their Hohola home after visiting relatives at Waigani when the carjacking occurred.

Police report that the incident was carried out by four armed men who walked up to the car which was idling at the traffic lights.

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Goroka fights: 10 suspects identified

Goroka police are anticipating the handing over of ten suspects in relation to the New Year ’s Day murder that sparked ethnic fights this morning.

Morata fight breaks out from drink session

Missing dog behind stabbing and arrest

The suspect, 43, has been on the run from police since Friday after he stabbed his Mt Hagen neighbour after he suspected that the man stole his dog and cooked it on Wednesday.

The victim sustained three stab wounds to his chest area but is a stable condition and is in recovery at the hospital.

The suspect reportedly detained by Gordons police thus morning.

police suggest that both men have a history of conflict and disagreement which could be the reason.